Thursday, May 9, 2013

MMM - 9

Another glorious day that deserved a summery skirt.  The pattern is Simplicity 4223 that I blogged about here.  The fabric is a cheery cotton print and I am wearing this skirt with a RTW cardi and tank and I am accessorized by 3 greyhounds, a collie and a Jack Russell - my father's dog is staying with us overnight . . . . .

The skirt is a little on the racy side for me - it is rather short in my opinion!, but it certainly fits the bill and is a treat to wear on these hot sunny days.  Trying to organize the dogs was like herding cats, but there are four there!  Oh, and a comment on the scenery - out house is a new build and all the landscaping has yet to be done.  Hopefully we will have grass and fences, not to mention stonework one the house and new tarmac on the roads - before the summer is out!

13.  Cotton Watercolor Skirt

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  1. You have greyhounds! We are a greyhound family as well; they are such great, affectionate pets. Very cute springtime skirt, and I'm impressed you found a matching cardigan in the exact right color!


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