Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM - 2

Day 2 - so far so good!!   There are two items for today.  Firstly, and for me, the most exciting item, are these trousers (or pants, if you prefer.  Me, I'm a trousers girl!)  The pattern is a McCalls 5239 and I picked up this pattern during my most recent fitting class.  I wanted to make a quick pair of trousers using a lightweight pinstripe suiting, so I cheated a little and straightened up the sides, added a bit to the waist for a 'turnover' rather than adding a waistband to make these 'pull on'.  Now that I am happy with the fit, I am going to make a few more pairs with pockets, zips, etc.  This will become my 'go to' pattern, and enters the TNT collection!  I am also thinking that some cropped trousers as well as some linen ones with a drawstring waist will be perfect for the summer.

These two photos show the alterations required for the trousers to fit me - some crotch adjustments and then some rather large tucks (1.5" per side!) to get rid of all the baggyness that I get under my 'oh so flat' butt!  According to my lovely instructor Janice, I have a particularly flat butt, but it hasn't 'dropped' yet.  Thank heavens for small mercys!!!

Today's outfit includes 2 pieces:

3.  Black pinstripe trousers - McCalls 5239
4.  Cardigan - McCalls 4466

And they are worn with a plain black tank bought before I commenced my RTW fast!  Talking of which, I have been 'fasting' for almost 7 months.  And I am not missing clothes shopping at all!


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