Saturday, May 4, 2013

MMM - 4

Yay!  Star Wars Day - May 4th be with you!!

And in honour of that . . . .

Yep, Mr. SDSC has a lightsaber!  He also has a fabulous fleece Jedi cloak that I made a number of years ago as a dressing gown but he says that we misplaced it in the move.  It sounds a little suspicious to me because he complained that it was too long and he kept tripping over when wearing it - particularly when going down stairs.  Mr. Picky!!  It was a result of this complaint that I made him the Batman dressing gown this Christmas.

Anyway - back to me please!  Today's 'Me Made' is another fabulous skirt from Simplicity 4221.  I keep coming across a number of items that I have not blogged about, and I think that this skirt is another.  The fabric is a bit seersucker like - a supersoft cotton with stripey puckering and the odd stripe of silver for that summer skirt 'bling look!'  I'm not sure where this fabric came from - I don't recall buying it so it may be one of my mother's fabrics.  The skirt has 4 gores and I have lined it with with cotton to give it a bit of body and prevent the 'Lady Di' look!  It is worn with a RTW pink cardigan, a RTW white tank and a lightsaber . . . .

8. Pink Stripe Skirt - Simplicity 4221

Oh yes, and it looks as though we may finally be moving towards Spring.  Today is gloriously sunny and I think that there may be quite a few Summer skirts being brought out!


  1. Someone's having fun today! Great skirt, love those pinky shades ...J

  2. lol I love it! Now I understand the saber shots I'm seeing everywhere. May the 4th....*slaps head*

  3. I am loving your daily outfits, well done! May the 4th be with you!


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