Sunday, May 12, 2013

MMM - 10, 11, 12 & Weekend Sewing!

OK, so I'm going to swap this around a bit and start with my weekend sewing.  I wanted some 'quick and easy' sewing that give me some clothes to wear NOW!  Having been really pleased with my Jimmy Jams that I blogged about here, I thought that I would make another pair or two.  After a quick mooch in my fabric selection I came up with a couple of contenders.

Firstly, some lovely flowery cotton that I inherited from my Mum.  I don't think that it is quilting cotton - the fabric is too wide and also it has a high thread count:

It certainly made a great pair of summer Jimmy Jams, and as I am wearing them right now - they are my MMM May 12th garment.  The pattern is McCalls 5239

And if something works once, twice, they let's work it again!  The fabric this time is another 100% cotton that I used to make a wearable muslin Sorbetto.  And no, I don't plan wearing them together!!

OK, so I apologies about the hanger shots.  I finished these and the next two skirts in the early hours of the morning and haven't got round to 'styling' them yet!  But I will . . . .

I knocked out a couple of Simplicity 4221 skirts, how I love that pattern for ease of use and looks.  This time the fabrics were a silky, lightweight poly in black with white dots.  It reminds me of Star Trek and the stars whizzing past at warp speed:

Nothing to note - the skirt is lined with white Bemberg Ambiance and has a narrow lace trim.  Oh, and it is soooo swishy!  I will probably have to make a red jersey top (or two) to go with this.  Or maybe fushia.  Mmmmm!

The second skirt is made from a rayon fabric from Batik Butik which appears to be going out of business.  There do appear to be a number of retailers who still sell it, so take a look.  It is goegeous fabric - lightweight a fluid.  I love it. 

This last photo shows the subtle red shading.  Love, love, love it!

A few quick MMM photos to finish off.  On Friday (MMM - 10) I worked from home so slummed it in PJ's all day but wore these handknitted socks:

These are really fun socks as they are make up of the leftovers from about 13 other pairs!  In no way do they match (other than stitches, rows etc) - but note the pink toes.  I made a pair for Mr. SDSC and his have blue toes so we know whose are whose!

Yesterday (MMM - 12) I wore these:


They are a great pair of socks, using the Knit Picks Felici yarn again.  The yarn is a supersoft merino that unfortunately fuzzes a little, however that can be excused because the stripes are so cute!  This colorway is called Chimney.

To summarize my MMM garments over the last few days:

14. Leftover Socks
15. Chimney Socks
16. Springtime Jimmy Jams

Phew, that was one long post - I hope you managed to stick it out!!  How was your weekend?  Lots of sewing?


  1. wow that's a lot of great sewing! I love how you lined the skirts with slip like fabric!I commend you on knitting your own socks, knittting is not my thing! lol!

  2. You certainly had a great sewing weekend. Love your socks. I am slowly working on a pair for DD but it has been so hot that I only knit on them on knitting night.

  3. All sorts of good stuff here. Love the skirts and the lace finish on the lining.

  4. I am finally sitting at a normal computer and can comment on one of your posts. Believe me, i've started commenting SO MANY times from my phone only to have it vanish before my very eyes! Well done with all your sewing. It's inspiring to see someone sew so much!

  5. I really love your hand-knitted socks. Sooooo beautiful :)

  6. Great clothes, Lorraine! I'm really digging your socks :)


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