Monday, May 6, 2013

MMM - 6

Today was a fabulous day in Cowtown - 28c (82f) which is very toasty to those of us that spend 6 months under snow - so today I wore another skirt (Simplicity 4221 again), using a bright and cheery cotton and lined with a white poplin to prevent any 'see-through).  Tank and cardigan are RTW.  I plan to make a few tanks using some ribbed cotton jersey and knicker elastic around the arms and neck.  Yep, I know, sounds a bit dodgy, but I think that I can make it work!


Here I am with the three hounds from hell (oh, not really!!), but I they are so cute, I had to get a photo of them as well!  Let me introduce you to Hobbes (black greyhound), Rocky (white & brindle greyhound) and Jess the collie.

Now, back to business.  I completed my 'Flinen Trousers this evening' and plan to wear them tomorrow.  Due to poor pocket placement, I now have 'Fockets' (aka Faux-pockets, although it does sound as though I am swearing!)  I wanted zipped pockets - I have put them in fleece jackets probably hundred of times (I kid you not, but that is a story for another time!), forgetting, of course, that fleece is much more forgiving.  So I unpicked the pockets leaving the zips in place and added teeny tiny linings - I had had enough and wanted them finished!  So here are a couple of close ups . . . .

I am looking forward to wearing these tomorrow and if all goes well, I will cut out a pair in some gorgeous linen/rayon.  Happy days!


  1. I love the lining in the pockets. Makes the pants a bit more edgy!

  2. Fockets sounds so much better than Fauxets! ANd the lining is so fun! I'm so impressed with how much you sew! So fun to have so many handmade items in your wardrobe. THat's my goal. You're inspiring me!


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