Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six of One

It has been some time since I did any sewing, and that makes me rather sad.  I used to make all my work clothes in the early 1990’s – skirts, trousers, jackets, tops as well as the odd coat or two.  I had a lot of enthusiasm, not quite as much skill, and absolutely no idea what suited me, what was ‘in’, and how to adjust any patterns other than length.

I then joined the Police and had no need for suits or smart clothes.  I was a patrol officer ‘pushing a panda’ in uniform and proud of it.  And now, nearly twenty years later I find myself working in an officer (happily) with a wardrobe of so-so clothes and a stash of patterns and fabric that makes me very happy!  So what to do?  Well, there was practically no internet when I used to sew – any inspiration/ideas were from TV, magazines, pattern books and real life, but now, what a difference.  There are a number of blogs that I am addicted to – the lovely Carolyn, the talented Peter and his model Cathy, as well as Sew Ruth, Communing withFabric, Did You Make That and my other favorites that you can see under ‘My Blog List’.  There is just so much information, experience and mojo that it is almost impossible not to feel the excitement and get sewing.

As with most things, I wasn’t too sure where to start – I wanted to create a wardrobe, you know, lots of items mixing and matching a la Carolyn, but taking that first step was causing me some trouble until I happened upon Hungry Zombie Couture’s ‘Skirty Dozen’.  She made a dozen gorgeous skirts – nice simple patterns that pack a punch.  Great, I was on my way!  I chose to make six skirts and I will then make six tops, my mix and match is off the ground!  I auditioned six cotton prints (actually, I think that two may be a cotton poly mix) that I had originally bought for Mum to make blouses.  Sadly she never had opportunity to use the fabric, and they really do not speak ‘blouse’ to me, but summer skirts?  Oh yeah!

 I spent a lovely few hours auditioning patterns – I didn’t have much criteria wise other than elasticated waist, few pieces and easy to line.  The winners were Simplicity 4221 (view E) a four gored mid-calf length skirt and Butterick 4466 (view D) a below knee two piece bias cut skirt.  

 I decided that I wanted to line both with a lightweight cotton – and following a trip to Fabricland I had the perfect fabric – some white muslin at $5/m.  With everything washed and ironed, the cutting and sewing began.  I decided to make one of each pattern first, just to check for sizing and just as well.  I could do with adding a little more width to the Butterick pattern next time round, it was a little snug. 


To be honest, both patterns were very easy.  I cut the lining about an inch shorter than the main fabric, overlocked all my seams, and voila, two summer skirts!  I added some lace to the hem of the lining – this is something I always used to do and I think that it adds a little femininity.

  It is good to see that some fellow bloggers finish off like this as well.  I also added a small ribbon to the centre back of each skirt – they are pretty much identical front and back, but I need to know which is which!

 So that is it – two down, another four to go.  Fashion shoot to follow!! 

 My first steps returning to sewing have been fun, and I can’t wait to continue.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Hound in Need

I was saddened to read about poor Giles, a lovely old greyhound that had been dumped by his owners in a terrible state - covered in fleas, anaemic, underweight.  Terrible. 

However, the greyhound community is very committed to looking after these lovely retired racers, and as a result, this page has been set up on Facebook - it is an auction to raise money for Giles's treatment.

My contribution is to offer a 'snood' or three, as modelled by the lovely Hobbes (above).  The pattern was designed by Erssie Major and she donates all the proceeds of the sales of the pattern to her local greyhound agency in the UK.

So drop by, take a look at Hobbes, and maybe put a little bid in on something that catches your eye!!

Get well soon Giles xx