Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Bakers Half a Dozen

Gosh.  Where has the year gone?  Here we are, almost in May already.

Due to some recent life changing events, things have changed somewhat around Spotty Dog Towers, and as a result it is pretty clear that I have waaaaay more stash (fabric, yarn, beads etc) than I will ever use in this lifetime.

And so I have been busy.  Lots of clothes to blog about, but also socks.  Aww, c'mon, I love knitting socks, and these are the ones that I have recently made (mostly to gift), some to keep.  Let me introduce you quickly to the first half dozen:

Purple Fabel Billy's

This is great hardwearing yarn and the socks knit to fit men and their somewhat HUGE feet.

Another pair of men's socks.  These will likely be for my father.

Definitely a pair for one of my ladies at work.  I love Knit Picks Felici yarn - so soft and scrummy.  It is a shame it felts - although after quite a few washes, but certainly worth it.  I was going to link to the yarn but currently KP only has it in worsted weight.  Oh well, plenty more in MY stash!!

Turquoise Jacquard Billy's

Another really great hardwearing yarn.  The yardage on this always scares me as it is really low - although the yarn is more of a sport weight.  I have learned to trust a 60st cast on (as opposed to my usual 64st) and just 50 rows for the leg (in comparison to the 60rows).  Not sure if I'll keep these, otherwise more ladies socks!

World Circus Billy's

Yep, more hardwearing yarn.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Self patterning yarn, hardwearing, fabulous colours!  I picked this up a year or five ago when I went on a knitting retreat to Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC.  Will be great for a funky, male recipient!

Spring Billy's

A cheery pair of spring socks, sized for female tootsies!

More Pairfection

I have already made and gifted these to Mr. SDSC and they are already in rotation!  I love this yarn (hardwearing, patterned etc) and this is the only patterned yarn that I make an effort to actually match up.  I like the haphazard look of mismatched socks, so these made a nice change.

All links are to the relevant Ravelry pages and the pattern (my own) that I use.

So, there we have it.  That's my sock knitting up to date.  Next up are clothes!