Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ooooh! Looky What I Won!

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on the lovely and talented Miss Ruth's blog.  And my prize?  I chose this fabulous Paco Peralta pattern:

Also included were some fabulous instructions and top tips - thank-you Ruth!  I look forward to making this up.  I am not too sure what fabric, but it will be making an appearance very soon!

Now, I know you are wondering about the rather quirky (and un-ironed) fabric that makes up the background . . . and here it is in glorious close-up:

It is rather fun in a really weird way.  I bought it after seeing an overshirt made out of a comic strip on Sew Essentially Sew's blog.  Ever since I saw Graca's version, I have been on the hunt for some similar fabric, and I found this version in the discount 'bin'.  Woo Hooo!  I plan to make a similar overshirt - I may be totally creepy and use the same pattern (Vogue 7848 - I have it in my stash) . . . . I hope Graca does not mind having a stalker.  I really am OK when you get to know me!!

So there you have it - a couple of new projects in the planning stage :)