Monday, May 20, 2013

MMM - Week 3 and Plans!

The easy thing (for me anyway) is that I can wear something that I have made every day of the week.  Take right now, for instance, I am wearing MM jimmy jams and hand knitted socks.  My problem is getting photos of said clothing.  Oh well, I think that will be my challenge for next year!  I should also add that when I get home from work, I change out of work clothes and put on comfy loungy bottoms (jimmy jams) and hand knitted socks - hence all the sock photos!

I did get a Monday photo - and really I should learn to stand better in trousers as these actually hang really well.  Honest!

These trousers are based upon McCalls 5239 (if it ain't broke . . . . !) and the cardigan is based upon McCalls 4466.  I am wearing a black RTW tank underneath.  The trousers are a dark charcoal and have a cream/white pinstripe.  Great for office life!

Oh, go on then, I'll show you some more socks before I get on with my plans for the next week or so!

The rainbow ones above are one that I particularly like.  I dyed the yarn so that I would get a self striping rainbow effect and I am rather pleased with these.

I just love the yellow, pink and lilac in these - the yarn is Drops Fabel

Now then, back to sewing :)  I have almost completed my mustard linen trousers - I just need to hem them, then will get pics.

I also made this pair - they are cropped and made from a 'technical' fabric.  Years ago I was involved in a small business making fleece jackets and trousers for climbers and and a small section of the UK military.  My partner in the business gave me some of the fabric that was no longer required and I ended up with a few meters of this.  It is definitely polyester and is totally windproof!  If they were made by Patagonia or Berghaus they probably would have cost around $200-$300!  Mine?  Free!  Now looking at them I can see that you are thinking that these are really boring looking trousers - how do you jazz up a pair boring, sludge colored trousers? . . . . . . .

Well, you use pretty pink serging thread and fancy smancy ribbon for hemming!  Incidentally, the legs are level - it is just my photography that is somewhat wonky!! 

So really, it was a quiet week of sewing for me, I do have a bias cut 'A' line skirt cut out that I did not have chance to sew up.  And today I worked on a blouse/top pattern that I can wear without having to tuck in.  It is based upon the blouse in 'Perfect Plus' and I plan to start the wardrobe using this beautifully soft grey suiting (pants and long sleeved top) and the blue/grey striped cotton (short sleeved blouse).  I have been reading and re-reading this book and am excited to get started.  I know that a lot of people have given this book bad press because some of the styling/clothes are outdated and that the book is aimed a the Petite market (patterns can be adjusted to regular), but I love the idea and am excited to get going!

I also cut-out a skirt from this cotton/lycra jersey. 

The skirt will be my version of the Hopscotch Skirt by iCandy:

I won't be sewing the 'jog' in the middle as my stripe repeat is about 12", nonetheless, I think it will make a fun skirt!

Well, that was my week - how was yours?


  1. My husband is really sweet about taking pictures for me, but it is a challenge. Love all of your socks. I'm working on my first pair ever!! They are easier and a lot more fun than I thought they would be.
    The hopscotch skirt will be so cute out of the fabric you chose.

  2. I agree, wearing me made clothes is easy, taking pictures is the hard part. Mine are always taken after both my husband and I get home from work. I love your socks. learning to knit socks is on my list.


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