Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yarn to Dye for!

I love dying yarn, really, it is such a fun activity and the results can be amazing.  Last summer I experimented with using just three dye colors - variations on red, blue and green on a luxurious merino/silk base, and this is the result:

This led me on to another experiment a few weeks ago where yarn is repeatedly dipped into a dye pot after being skeined, re-skeined and knotted - effectively this acts as tie dye resist and the dye only settles on some of the yarn.  I tried two sets of three colors and here are the results:

Such yarny loveliness!  This is how the bottom yarn knitted up into a pair of smooshy socks.  For me!

I think I may make a shawl out of the purple yarn, but then again, maybe not!  Decisions, decisions!  It blows my mind how just three dye colors can translate into such a kaleidoscope of when yarn and water mix.

Friday, March 16, 2012

In the Begining

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the intertubes - what makes mine any different?  Well, probably nothing really other than this is my one, about things that interest me.  That sounds somewhat selfish - and maybe it is, but let's just see how is goes!

A bit of background?  Sure!  I knit, sew, dye yarn, have two greyhounds and a collie, no kids, one gorgeous hubby.  I live in the country, have a terrible clay garden - which is a shame as I love gardening -  and I work in the big city.

So that is me - what about you?