Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MMM - 7

Today was considerably cooler - no summer skirts, my little trotters would have frozen - so it was an ideal opportunity to try out my new Flinen trouser made from McCalls 5239.  The fabric is a deep red linen weave that hang really well.  Having said that, I should have checked my appearance more carefully in the mirror before leaving the house . . . I am not too sure that these proportions work too well.  I love this cardi, it is an over-sized RTW grey cotton jersey with flowers printed on that cover parts of the rib and some seams - almost like big appliques.

I really love these - again, no bagging around the butt.  They fall about 1/2" about the ground and fit great.  It was a bit blowy outside when these pics were taken, so the legs have ballooned out a bit.  I added some faux-ties to the front of the trousers, I made one long tie out of 2" fabric folded edges towards the middle, folded in half lengthwise, then stitched close to the edge.  I then sewed the middle of the tie to the centre of the trousers for about an inch, then tied it loosely in a knot - I think that this was a nice touch that added to the 'linen' feeling.

I forgot to count the last two day's garments - I am interested to see how many different Me Made clothes I will wear this month, so here is the catch up:

9. Checked Jimmy Jams (May 5th)
10. Green & Aqua Summer Skirt (May 6th)
11. Red Flinen Trousers (today)

So there we have it.  One week of clothes, and it has not been too hard so far.  Can I continue with duplicating?  Probably not, but as I am having fun, I will continue!

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  1. They look terrific, I do like the trend for red jeans/trousers so much!


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