Friday, May 3, 2013

MMM - 3

Day 3!

Today I was on another trip out of the office - hence the lovely location for photos!  This is actually inside a hotel in Lethbridge, Alberta (hey, I've got to eat!), there are trees, water features, oh, and a piano!

The pics are a little out of focus (oops!) but you get the gist :)  Thanks Cory!!

Today I am mostly wearing a Sorbetto top, my orange Ponte cardigan . . . . . and hand-knitted socks!  My grey denims are rather old RTW pair complete with a few muddy bits from walking the dogs in the morning!  I have to say that reviewing these photos really makes me realize that I can be a little lackadaisical and need to pay more attention before walking out the door!  

Here are the details on todays 3 items:

5. Sock Bunny Sorbetto top - more details here
6. Ikat Winter Collection Ponte Cardigan - McCalls 4466 (again!)  I did 'redo' the front binding.  The one that was on originally did not sit very well, so I cut it off and added a smaller, more professional looking binding that I am very pleased with!
7. Hand knitted socks using my own pattern - here is a clearer photo.

So there we go, 7 different items so far!


  1. Great looking socks. Like how you are doing MMM. A few years ago, a friend and I stayed at that hotel when we attended a conference. Loved the courtyard. We walked through it several times a day enjoying the beauty.

  2. You are doing so well with me-made May! I especially like that you are wearing socks too. There's only a few other MMM-ers who knit their own socks, so yay! Actually, I do knit my own socks too, but it's not cold enough for them here yet, so I think no one will see them!

  3. Oooooh....I see socks like this and I so wish I had acquired the knitting gene! (I've tried...that gene passed me over) LOVE!

  4. I would learn to knit if I thought I'd ever be talented enough to make socks that beautiful - what skill!
    thanks for sharing,
    Janice @


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