Sunday, May 5, 2013

MMM - 5

Jimmy Jams, Socks, Flinen Trousers and the Pattern Plus Pyramid

OK, so there is a lot to get through today, so better get at it!

Mr. SDSC and I had a very lazy day today - no shopping, cleaning, meeting up with buddies, washing cars or anything.  A truly lazy day.  So in honour of that, I chose to wear a brand spanking new pair of Jimmy Jam trousers (PJ's to other folk) that I finished last night.  I used a soft cotton with a plaid weave (and no, I didn't even attempt to match any of it up) and my new McCall's pattern (5239) that is fast becoming a TNT.  I added 2" to the waist for the fold-over elastic and stitched the side seams with 5/8" seams even though the pattern is altered to 1" seams.  I thought that the extra space would be just what was needed!

I love this finish for an elastic waistband - there is a great tutorial here, and rather than use a twin needle, I used a three step zigzag and I am very pleased with the finish.  It will be appearing again!!  The only comment to add here is that the trousers looked like a dogs breakfast whilst I was stitching on the elastic.  It was only when I had started the zigzag that they began to look a LOT better!  So if you do try this technique, no wobbly bottom lips until you see how they transform when the elastic is sewn down!

Although a little creased, I am happy with how the back hangs on these, no bagging under my butt :)

And to finish off, another pair of hand knitted socks!  This is a very plain pattern used with self striping yarn (Knit Picks Felici Sport) and as we are moving into warmer weather, I won't be wearing hand knitted socks very much from now on so I am making the most of it!!

Following on from these toursers, I am going to make another pair - a bit more fitted - with some lovely red (wannabe) linen - hence the name 'Flinen' (aka faux linen!!).  If they turn out well, I have some mustard linen/rayon from Fabric Mart that will be put into use for a fabulous pair of summer trousers.

And finally - although maybe the most exciting news, is that I have won the current leg of the Plus Pattern Pyramid.

In short this means that I will soon be receiving some plus sized patterns, I get to chose one (or maybe two or three) to keep, replace them with some from my stash, and then hold a competition on my blog and the winner will have the patterns sent onto them . . . and so it continues!  As the parcel is making it's way from Australia - thank-you Chris - it will probably be a few weeks, but watch this space for details if you would like to play!


  1. Congratulations on the Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid! I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  2. Love the PJ's thanks for the link to the tutorial for the elastic waistband I am doing a lot of jersey sewing at the moment and found it really useful. You are doing really well with MMM!

  3. Great pjs. I will look at the tutorial when I have a minute. I do love the socks that match so nicely with your outfit.

  4. Congratulations on winning the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid... hope your heart has settled back down again now LOL. Belle did a great job picking a wonderful winner and the patterns are going in the post for you today :)

    1. Thank-you to you and Belle - I am very much looking forward to taking part!!

  5. A lazy Sunday is a good day. I hope you relaxed all day! Those Jim Jams look lovely and comfortable and Felici makes wonderful socks. Were you able to match the stripes up? g

    1. Oh yes, lots of relaxation! And I have to admit to not even trying to match up Felici stripes. I knit one pair and the stripe sequence reversed half way through - so I cast on two-at-a-time and let the colors fall as they may!!


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