Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MMM - 1

May is here - and I am excited to be taking part in 'Me Made' for this month.  My pledge is I endeavour to wear a self-made garment every day for the month of May.  These garments will be either sewn or knitted by me.'

Today I was out of the office and was able to take advantage of one of my colleagues who took these pictures for me - thanks Jim!

There will be some garments that I haven't mentioned before as well as some already blogged about - and to start today, I am wearing 3 MM garments:

1. Red ponte cardigan - McCalls 4466
2. Black slinky top - Kwik Sew 3752
3. Black crepe gored skirt - Simplicity 4221

The cardigan is based upon McCalls 4466, adjusted from a fitting class that I attended, and it makes a great semi-casual top.  I think that I need to play around with the bust darts so that they stop short of the 'apex', but it works for now!  The fabric is a fabulous rayon ponte from Fabricland that I have purchased in a number of colors . . . . so expect to see some more in the near future!

The top has a hipband and is another comfy garment to wear.  It is easy to make out of jersey/sweater fabrics and features a lot in my cool temperature wardrobe -we are still waiting for spring here in the Great White North - looks like we moght be in luck later this week!!

This skirt is from a pattern that is well used - most of my summer skirts from last year used this pattern, it is a simple 4-gore pull on that is lined.  The fabric is a crepe that hangs beautifully and appears to be 'crease proof'.  Can't argue with that!  All in all I am pleased with this outfit, it works well for my workplace and is very comfortable to wear!

I also will be keeping a check of the number of MM garments that I wear - it will be interesting to see how many repeats there are . . . .

For tomorrow I have a completely new garment . . . here is a 'teaser' picture or 2) - complete with obligatory dog hairs!

So how about you - how are you doing?  Are you wearing MM clothing today?


  1. I wanted to join MMM, but I don't think I can handle commitment right now. (I know, that sounds terrible.) I'm so glad you have joined, though, and look forward to all of your MMM outfits!

  2. Hi, I admire all of those in a me made month - I don't have enough me made yet. I'm looking forward to seeing a month's worth of me made clothing combinations.


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