Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Round Up - 2012

I notice that a lot of others bloggers do this, and as a newbie, it seems an opportune moment for some housekeeping and sewing reflection!

Firstly, I am tidying up my blog and removing a few of the banners down the side that are relevant for 2012, but not for 2013 - but I really don't want to lose the information behind them.

CIBC Run for the Cure - in October, my father, husband and myself took part in a 5km walk in Calgary, raising money in support of breast cancer.  My mother was a breast cancer survivor who sadly passed away in November 2009.  This really is a bittersweet event - the atmosphere is magical and I would recommend that if you are able to take part in one nearer to home - please consider doing so.  I am happy to report that I raised $390 towards this most noble of causes.

PR Mini Wardrobe Contest - this was my first entry in a sewing competition and my first attempt at sewing a SWAP wardrobe.  I chose quick and easy pieces, and loved making and wearing them.  Thank-you to all who voted, and those who left comments - most kind.

PR Re-Fashion Contest - OK, so I started this with lots of enthusiasm but unfortunately didn't finish.  Well, not yet.  But I will!  The grey corduroy trousers have been taken apart - I just need to piece them back together, transforming them into a skirt.

July: - This year I got back into sewing in July, and kicked off with a number of cotton summer skirts, about nine in total!

August: - This month I completed my K.I.S.S. SWAP and made two skirts, two tops and a long jacket.

November: - Ah yes, November!  This is when I learned all about the lovely sweater knits from and made my Purple Cheetahs.  I also entered the Stitchers Guild competition to make a Winter 6PAC, and introduced pieces for Ikat Winter Collection making a 2 piece dress, traditional twinset out of animal patterned fabric and a black corduroy skirt.

Two shorter Flirty Skirts also made the cut this month - somewhat shorter than I would ordinarily wear, but lovely nonetheless!

Then there was the MacPhee Collection where I made a skirt, a pair of culottes, a top and a cardigan from slinky fabric using Linda MacPhee patterns.

Phew, November was a busy month!

December : -  The biggie for this month was Hubby's dressing gown.  I also made 4 (I think) snoods out of fleece and the heart hand warmer for my brother and SIL.

All in all, I would say that it has not been a shabby year - especially since my sewing did not start until July.  Boy I ha missed it!  About 29 garments (not including the snoods and handwarmer) made in all.  I have made more skirts than anything else - a pause for thought?  Indeed.  I feel that I have made a lot of quick and easy garments to get my sewing off the ground,  I have also attended a fitting class that I intend to put to good use by making more fitted clothes next year.  I have booked onto a course for fitting pants as well - so there should be lots more items in that category next year!

From a blogging perspective, my father and hubby clubbed together and bought me a fancy smancy laptop for Christmas.  I love my iPad, but it is a pain when blogging and this new machine is such a dream to use that I will be commenting more on other blogs instead of planning the replies in my head and then having a minor meltdown when the iPad fails to allow me to post!

And, oh my goodness, there is an 'and' as well!  I have made a commitment to stop buying RTW clothes, and I can honestly say that I have not had any issues so far at all.

Finally - thanks to those that read this blog.  The comments that are made are much appreciated and it thrills me to know that people take the time out to read and then comment.  Thank you all xx

This only leaves me one more thing to say, and that is:


to you and yours - may this year be the best year ever!


  1. 2012 was definitely a brilliant year for you behind the sewing machine! Lots of lovely clothes added to your wardrobe, and with no more RTW in 2013 you won't know yourself...Happy New Year...

  2. What a great post, Lorraine! Isn't it funny how things fall into place once a commitment is made? You are on a roll and I expect 2013 to be a year of many successes for you :)

  3. Happy New Year Lorraine! Here is to great sewing in 2013!


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