Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Passing it Along

Well this is rather lovely, I was checking my 'must reads' blog roll on the right hand side of this blog (I view this as my personal reading suggestions - the blogs that I enjoy reading are here) and what do I see?  Well, the lovely Judith from sunny Brisbane - which quite frankly has to be as far from snowy Canada as you can get) had presented me with the Premo Primavera Blog Award!  What could that be?  I hear you ask, well, let me enlighten you!  Following a quick bit of (Google) research, I have gleaned the following information . . . . essentially, it is a public thank-you to recognize the people who take time out to comment on your blog and you are encouraged to link to the last nine 'commenters'.  The bonus, of course, is that you get to sample more blogs that you were maybe not aware of as well as some new traffic being redirected to their sites, more comments are made, and so on - they pass on the award to even more bloggers and well, at the end, we all get to linked to lots more interesting blogs!

So, THANK-YOU to the following readers who have left comments on my blog:

Check out So I Sewed This and her fabulous gator pot holders - you have never seen gator pot holders?  Seriously??!!

Then there is/are Kristen and Laura at A Make it Yourself Mom's Diary - the blog design is fabulous and their furniture and dressmaking adventures are great fun to read!  They are part of the the RTW Fast that I am taking part in.

As I Sew It is another RTW Faster who enjoys quilting - she has a great Christmas runner that she has just completed - go and take a look!

Carolyn at Handmade by Carolyn is also 'down under' and makes gorgeous clothes.  Her Blood Orange Top - and the variations, is a great read full of inspiration.

Carola at Snazzy Sew 'n' Sew is another RTW Faster in Perth (can you see the connection yet?!) who temps us all with photos of her cute creations taken outside in the sunshine,  If I tried that today - I would surely have frostbite . . . . . !

Over at A Stitch in Time and Place, some lovely knee length shorts/pants/trousers - are currently taking shape - very cute.

Jilly at Jilly be Joyful has just posted about some useful weights for holding down your pattern as you cut and her Endless Tube Scarf would be great as a late Christmas present.

Goodbye Valentino is the inspiration and encouragement behind the RTW Fast - her blog is full of designer inspiration to keep you on the sewing straight and narrow!

And last, but most definitely not least, there is Peg at Deconstruct, Alter and Create who has introduced me (and many others, I am sure) to the Lagenlook - wow, great for inspiration as well.  My head is buzzing with ideas!

According to Judith I am now supposed to tell you 7 things about myself - so here we go:

1. Many years ago I ran into Prince Edward with a shopping cart when he was a student at Cambridge University (by accident of course) - and he was still kind enough to hold the door open for me!

2. I love dogs and currently have two greyhounds and a collie

3. My favorite season when we lived in the UK was the autumn, but here in Canada, it is winter - I am loving the snow!

4. Having been brought up on BBC TV I love period dramas - my favorite is House of Eliott closely followed by Downton Abbey.

5. Following on from #4, the 1920's is my favorite fashion period.

6. I can knit a pair of socks, two-at-a-time, without looking at a pattern!

7. And finally, until I found blogging, I thought I was a hoarder of patterns, fabric and yarn - but now I know I just have a collection!!!

So a big thank-you all ladies - your comments are most kind and always appreciated!  Let's pass on the love!


  1. Aww thanks!! Also now I'm adding House of Eliot to my Netflix que. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Aw, how sweet of you to mention my blog - a heartfelt holiday "thank you" to you! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the award, Lorraine! Loving the RTW Fast and blogging about it and following my fellow RTW Fasters and others too. I haven't had time to do much on my own blog over the past few weeks but I think I should be able to sit down and write something again soon! I am wearing (as I type) a new dress to wear out to lunch in the next hour and I will blog about it in the next day or so. I think I've found my mojo again! :) Happy new year to you and your family! Carola

  4. Thank you for the award, Lorraine! Isn't Christmas the hardest time to sew??????


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