Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Batman Dressing Gown!

No, I am not typing this on Christmas morning - this is a post that I wrote on December 17th, but could not share until today and the garment had been unwrapped!

This story begins about 6 years ago when I sewed up a Lord of the Rings cloak for my hubby out of grey fleece.  It took about 6yds of 60" fabric and wrapped round him like a huge blanket.  He loved this to bits . . . until the day he nearly fell down the stairs as he tripped on the hem (well, it was floor length!)  Since then he has been asking me to shorten it (I don't do alterations) or make him a new one.  And here we are, a number of cold winters later, a new dressing gown!

 My husband is a sci-fi nut, so the pattern had to be something connected to super-heros, and of course fleece is such a dream to sew with, a batman patterned fleece was just the ticket!

Not much else to say really other than as I had cut it out some time ago and lost the front band, I had to piece one from some left over fabric.  Doh!  As the pattern itself looks pieced, I think I may have gotton away with this.  I made sure that there were a couple of deep pockets and the pattern fronts are cut diagonally for snuggly coverage when it is belted up.  I also added belt loops so that should make losing the belt a little harder . . . .oh, and one other thing, the fronts are upside down.  Seriously, I didn't notice the directional pattern and cut out the fronts wrong.  Grrr.  Well, I guess that when he is doing his bat impression and hanging upside down - it will look the right way up.  Won't it?!

Right now, it is all wrapped up under the tree - I will see if he will pose in it after the 'reveal' Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas to you and yours - I hope that Santa was good to you!

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