Thursday, December 27, 2012

Taking Care of Business

I am happy to say that I am busy making the most of a few days off work.  I having been planning, cutting out, and am about to put needle to fabric - that is for tomorrow!  I needed to make one more item for my Ikat Winter Collection (previously mentioned here and here) that is part of the Winter 6PAC on Stitchers Guild.  Today I cut out a cardigan using the pattern that I fitted in my pattern fitting class.  It is from McCalls 4466.  I have made a couple of changes to the pattern - changed the neckline to a slight 'V' shape and I will add a band to make it more 'cardigan' like.  The fabric is a lovely Ponte knit in a burnt orange that I bought from Fabricland.  The fabric is a poly/rayon mix and is incredibly soft.

I have also been making plans for the 2013 SWAP on Stitchers Guild.  The rules are that one is 'to make two 4 or 5 piece collections, with a single other garment that can be worn with both capsules. 

Each collection is either 3 tops and two bottoms, or 2 tops, 1 bottom, and 1 dress, which all form a cohesive group.  The 11th garment should be a jacket or other piece that coordinates with both collections, both in style and color.

These collections can be for different occasions, or in different colorways, or simply reflect two very different styles or images. 

There will be no requirement this year to use a particular fabric or pattern choice, no fussy print matching or need to master any new skill. 

Sewing will begin December 26th, and all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2013.'

The main colors that I am playing with are brown, grey, mustard, red and cream.  Interesting eh?!  For each of the two collections I am planning a 2 core two-pieces (skirt & top or trousers & top) with a co-ordinating cardigan/jacket and another jacket that would work with each mini collection.  So, in total there will be 4 bottoms (skirts/trousers), 4 tops (short sleeved polo necks/shells) and three cardigans/jackets.  I will be using some new patterns - making shorter skirts and attempting to fit trousers, my shell tops will probably be based upon Sorbetto by Collette Patterns, and I am looking forward to trying Vogue 8146 or McCalls 5763 for the final jacket.

This is the first collection of fabrics and from the left I pan to make a 2 piece dress with the grey Aztec print (Christmas pressie fabric!), a solid grey skirt with a fitted yoke and circular flounce, a Sorbetto top with the grey floral and a jacket with the mustard solid (which really needs a good press!):

And here is the fabric for the second collection.  From the left is a brown jersey to make a top.  I also have some poly/rayon jersey in the same color so will make at least one more top and maybe a jersey wrap skirt, (I've just realized that I have missed a patterned brown fabric for another potential Sorbetto.  Oops.  I guess that will just have to stay as a surprise!), some brown corduroy for (hopefully) a pair of trousers, and an cream textured fabric for a cardigan/unstructured jacket.

And here is the collection (less the above mentioned brown patterned fabric!) with some red Ponte knit (a super soft poly/rayon mix) that will be used for another cardigan/unstructured jacket that will work across the whole collection.

As these items are all for work, I am calling this collection 'Taking Care of Business'.

So, having introduced you to my plans, I reserve the right to make changes as and when (well, I did stop off at Fabricland today and they had some FAB-U-LOUS poly/rayon stripey sweater prints and a few metres may have fallen into my basket!)

What about you?  Are you taking part in the 2013 SWAP or do you have another lists that you are working from?


  1. I am not doing a SWAP, but I definitely have a list of clothes that I need, and will be sticking to it! I am excited to see all of your garments as you complete them.

  2. I love the red, it makes it all Pop! I admire you for doing a SWAP. I am too distracted by shinies to keep on track.

  3. These fabrics are going to mix together to make a great SWAP collection. Sounds like you have it all thought and planned out really well...J

  4. Oh I just love your colour scheme, so warm and cosy :)


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