Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Yep, I know that I have just one piece to finish off for my Ikat Winter 6PAC Collection (my burnt orange cardigan is partially made and hanging on Matilda whilst I make a few decisions) and also that I have committed to my 2013 SWAP - Taking Care of Business (actually, I have already completed 4 pieces - the easy ones! - more about that in another post once the photographer has done his job!) but all of a sudden:

Sigh . . . . . .

Well, not really (a sigh that is) - whenever I have a squirrel moment it is usually rather fun!  I still have a few days off work and I fancied making something a little different because as well as yarn and fabric, I have always had an affinity to small bags.  And notebooks.  Seriously, I have enough notebooks to rival Staples.  I like small ones with pretty covers, maybe with flowers on, or puppies . . . sigh, I probably need never buy a notebook again . . . .
And small bags - I'm not talking handbags here, but project bags, pencil holders, make-up cases - are you with me?  Well, I saw a link to Sew Spoiled Cosmetic Cases and I had to get the pattern.  These bags are soooo cute!  I tend to buy fat quarters in pairs as I am always thinking of making small bags - they make great gifts you know (yes, I understand that Christmas was a few days ago, but you can never start planning for next year too early - and there are always birthdays!)

So here are my fabrics . . .

So, what did I make?  How about these:

They really are very cute!  4 fat quarters yielded 6 bags, so you definitely get a good bang for your buck.  I used some iron-on batting rather than interfacing, and it worked really well, giving the bags a bit of 'puffy' substance.  The pink ladybird fabric was from WalMart, the brown/yellow/green fabric is an Amy Butler design.  The bags are fully lined and were quick and easy to make.  The third bag down from the top (in the above photo) was made with the fabrics reversed - the lining is on the outside, and main fabric on the inside.   I am not 100% happy with the end of the zips and plan to make some more bags placing the zip about an inch down from the top.  I also failed to read the instructions properly and cut the fabric out in 'portrait' mode rather than 'landscape', but that only meant that my bags are skinnier but taller.  I love the 'boxing/gusset' on the bottom of the bags that makes them stand up and gives them dimension.

All in all, a great little pattern with some fun construction techniques.  I will be making more!


  1. They are so cute - excellent value for money...

  2. These little bags are cute! I made a couple bags that were similar to these as last minute Christmas gifts for the kids' teachers. They are fun and I can use leftover larger scraps.


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