Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Sewing

I really wanted to include some home-made gifts in my gift giving this year - nothing too complicated, just a few, small little treats, and when I saw Kwik Sew 3267 - I knew I had my pattern :)

Yep, I am going to sew the heart, bottom right.  For my brother and his wife.  They will love it - well Sharon will, I am not sure Paul will be so thrilled!  The fabric is a lovely thick fleece that was on sale in FabricLand for the bargain price of $7/m, and this will only take up about half a metre.  But what is it?  To be fair, I wasn't too sure myself, I thought that it was just a huge heart shaped glove that you hold hands with your beloved.  But no, there's more embarrassment!  This is what it all looks like when it is made up (excuse the photo - for once the countertop was very clean and shiny and reflected my arms taking the photo!!)

Each person has their own glove as well.  What could be more perfect??!!  My brother will be mortified when he opens this Christmas morning, but as it has been made by his sister - he will have to be polite.  Oh the fun!  And my sister-in-law is bound to make him use it!

Fortunately I have a much saner plan for some of the rest of the fleece - a neck warmer for my father.  He is a Liverpool FC supporter and as the fleece is such a gorgeous, rich red, he will wear it with pride.


  1. This made me smile. I think my brother and his fiancé need a set :) hehehe!

  2. How cute are these!!! Ideal for young love at Christmas...J


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