Thursday, September 27, 2012

K.I.S.S. - the reveal

Well, all the sewing is complete on my wardrobe and I am absolutely thrilled! I have already worn the patterned skirt and white top to work and received many compliments - the skirt is rather swishy and that was apparently very attractive!

Some of the photos are rather poor - I am usually photographing hand-knitted socks and shawls and I have not yet worked out my 'pose' yet.  Hubby did a good job though, but next time I will be working him harder!!

So, here we go - 

View 1 - skirt 1, top 1, jacket.  As you can see I am perfecting the 'one legged model' look!

View 2 - skirt 1, top 1.  I have had to take in the hip-band on the top as it is rather wide and it kept falling down my skirt.  It fits well now!

View 3 - skirt 1, top 2.  Hmm.  I can now see what my yoga teacher keeps telling me off about - relax those shoulders!!

View 4 - skirt 1, top 2, jacket.  I've seen the' hands on hips pose' work very well for other bloggers!!

View 5 - skirt 2, top 2.  Here I am all in black - none of the 'front' photos look very good, so here is the back.  It was interesting to see that the black really drains the color from me - it is funny what you see in photos of yourself that you do not see in the mirror.  I absolutely love the sleeves on this top - all loose and 'dolmany' in the arm then nice and snug in the wrist.  I will probably have to reduce the size of the hip-band on this top as well . . . !

View 6 - skirt 2, top 2, jacket - posing for all I'm worth!!

View 7 - skirt 1, top 2.  I think that the white top is more flattering color-wise.  Working those shades!!

View 8 - skirt 2, top1, jacket.  And the last 'look'  Eight in total - who's a thought it?!

Just one more (view 8 again) this just shows that all those hours watching 'America's Next Top Model' are clearly paying off!!

And here is my composite photo:

So, what do you think??


  1. I love all your pieces! You did a professional job and good write up too---I am subscribing to following your blog as I knit and sew too!

  2. So pretty, really good looking pieces. Think you are right about the black, but just when it is all black. Love your ja ket!


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