Wednesday, September 26, 2012

K.I.S.S. - part 4

My visitors have now returned back home - and as lovely as it was to have them, it has been great to get back to my sewing!  I had my Pfaff serviced and it runs like a dream now.  I had forgotten how quiet and smooth it ran.  Lovely, lovely!

My black skirt was a doddle - other than the fact that it is somewhat shorter as I did not measure the fabric beforehand, but hey - it all worked out!  The skirt is lined with a fabulous patterned silky polyester fabric and has a deep lace border.

It is pretty hard to photograph black (as you know), but I hope that you get the gist!!

The jacket (in my opinion) is great.  It is fully lined and feels very luxe!  I used plain white lining for the sleeves as they will not be on view, but matched up the lining for the rest of the jacket with the fashion fabri.c  It glides on and off like a favorite robe - in fact the pattern is not too dissimilar!

Here is the centre back seam with the pleat sewn down for a few inches for ease.

I hand stitched the band by hand - I absolutely love hand sewing and this was a dream to sew!

I feel kinda good using the white lining for the sleeves - it was a short leftover length of fabric that would not have been good for much else . . .

But it looks good!  The lining is a little loose to allow for movement.

So there you have it - I am going to work on the actual pattern reviews as well as completing the composite photos to show all the garments.  No rest for the wicked . . . . !

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