Monday, October 1, 2012

Singer 99k

This is the second vintage Singer that I bought, and I picked this up at auction

This is a lovely portable machine with a serial number of EE633761.  I believe that it is a 3/4 size machine, and is a 99k.  The beautiful decals appear to be 'filigree' and this dates back to 1948.

There is a little damage to the wood surround - not enough to cause any problems mechanically, but I may have to get it tidied up if my fabric catches on it.  The side plate is beautifully engraved and this machine also appears to be in pretty good shape.  It needs a good clean and oil, then I can play!

It takes a drop in bobbin and came without the bobbin cover that I picked up cheaply on Ebay.

There is a motor and a light attached to the back of this machine and I would like to see if I can change it to a hand crank.  My first sewing machine was a Singer hand crank that I got for my (13th?) birthday.  I know that it cost my parents GBP12.00, and I made quite a few items with it including a 'baby doll' nightdress made from white cotton with little tennis racquets on it and a stripy top with a front neck slit and kimono sleeves in red/white/blue cotton.  Happy days!

I love this little compartment that you can keep all your goodies in!

And here are some of the goodies!!

Again I used Singer and ISMACS to identify the age of the machine, and this site to determine the model.

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