Friday, September 7, 2012


Last year I went on a knitting retreat in Tofino organized by Knits by the Sea and hosted by Cookie A, the most fabulous knitter-come-designer.  She really is an inspiration and if you ever get chance to take a class with her, it is something that I am sure you will treasure.

Here she is, in person, teaching us about 'suckage'.  Yep, really - but you know, she is quite right.  When you use cables, the fabric 'sucks in' and becomes tighter.  All very clever!

 And yes, she is holding my knitting !!

 And as glorious as Tofino is . . . .

 Boy, it rains!!

Anyhow, reminiscing aside, I have decided that I want to have a go at knitting the socks from her books, starting with Sock Innovation.  The first pair of socks is called Glynis (I mentioned them on this posting), and here they are:


The pattern was an easy one, but don’t forget to check out the errata as there is an error in the chart for the top of the foot, row 8.

These socks will be gifts, not sure who for yet, but I would like to build a stock pile of a few pairs for those special people in my life . . . and it helps to keep the yarn band for those all important washing instructions and yarn composition . . . . ! 

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