Wednesday, September 5, 2012

K.I.S.S. - part 1

I am a lazy sewer, I baulk from changing threads and like to sew as many seams with the same thread before going to the ironing board.  As my serger was threaded with white thread, that is where I must begin.  But first, the cutting out . . . . and my first lesson - check the length of fabric before committing to certain patterns . . . . sigh!  The patterned skirt, black top and key piece jacket were fine.  No problems there.  I have cut out a white lining for this skirt and it will have a band of white lace around the bottom,  This fabric is rather lovely and appears to be quite crease resistant.

I am hoping that the vertical striping won't have any issues with the panels and I rather like the animal print, subtle effective!

Turns out that I did not have as much lining as I thought, so I had to run out to get more . . . . oh well, I am now good to go and managed to get a great match with the camel colored fabric for my key piece jacket.

That was the good news.  Turns out I was rather short on the black fabric, but managed to get over that by making the skirt about 5" shorter, taking the length from the waistband.  I am intrigued to know how this will look as it is rather short for me - I prefer the longer look, just showing a peek of ankle!!  I also realised that I did not have any black lace.  Really?  I must be slipping!

And the white top.  I had forgotten that I cut out a couple of vests from the fabric a few months ago (and never completed them) leaving me really short - I am not sure what I am going to do now as Fabricland (my nearest fabric outlet) only had cheap looking but expensive (@ $20/m) white jersey.  Hmmmm.  I will need to think this over but in the meantime, white-thread-sewing, here I come!!

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