Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A SWAP called K.I.S.S

I have decided to take part in a sewing competition on Pattern Review - it is a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) for a mini wardrobe and the instructions are as follows:

Mini-Wardrobe Contest - Expand Your Wardrobe

This is a contest to create a 5-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. Four of these pieces must be sewn during the contest period.

**The 5th piece, known as the KEY item, can be something you already own, something you purchase, something you have made in the past or something you make during the contest. The KEY item must work with all the other pieces. It needs to co-ordinate with the other four ITEMS, but need not be included in every OUTFIT.**

These 5 items must combine to make a minimum of 6 different outfits.

I am so excited to take part, I have got my 'sew' back and I want to use it!  I plan to make up some basics using classic, basic colors that I can then build upon.  I am also going to use some patterns that I have not used before.

So here are my fabric choices:

On the left is a camel colored suiting that is super soft and has some stretch to it.  It is most likely a poly/lycra mix.  It washed really well and has a fabulous drape to it.  I have 10yds so will be able to make some more matching items. 

The middle two fabrics are off white and black cotton/lycra jersey.  They are both very soft mmmmmm!

Finally, on the right is a fabulous patterned rayon(?) that I bought a couple of years ago when my friend ran a fabric shop.  How I wish I had bought more fabric from her (I have a feeling that all these fabrics may have come from her shop).  She used to stock good quality fabrics - not a huge selection of dress fabrics as she mainly sold quilting fabric - but nonetheless, lovely fabrics.

There is a fifth fabric, a black poly/lycra suiting that is also very soft but thicker than the camel suiting

So, what will I make?  I plan to make two tops (using the jersey) from Kwik Sew 3752 view A.  The pattern description states 'loose fitting pull-over batwing style tops have a scoop neckline with neckband, and a wide close fitting waistband.  View A has sleeves have wide cuffs.  So far it has not been reviewed on Pattern Review . . . I guess I will be the first!

I will use Simplicity 4221 for the skirts.  I LOVE this pattern.  I have used it before to make some summer skirts with pretty cotton prints and a cotton lining.  These two skirts will have nylon linings so that I can wear them during the winter with stockings.  I will, of course, add lace to the linings (I think that it adds the personal touch and feels most luxurious).  The skirts are made up of four panels and rather than have CF, CB and side seams, I offset the seams so that they fall to the right and left on the front and also on the back.  They have elasticated waists and will be fun, quick 'sews'! 

And last, but not least, my 'key' piece - a long jacket using McCalls 2912 - a vintage pattern (hey, the 80's are vintage, c'mon!!) that I recently bought off Etsy.  The description reads: Easy fitting unlined jacket has front bands, extended shoulders and contrast variations.  I will be spicing it up a little by fully lining the jacket.

I nearly forgot to mention - how many outfits will this all make?  Well, the answer is 8:

Top 1 + Skirt 1
Top 2 + Skirt 1
Top 2 + Skirt 2 
Top 2 + Skirt 2

And the jacket with each outfit makes 8.

As all the patterns are all easy ones, I am calling this collection the K.I.S.S. Project - (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

Let the games being :-)


  1. This will be a versatile mini-wardrobe and I like your "K.I.S.S." title.


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