Sunday, July 27, 2014

Guess What I Made this Weekend?!

Yeah.  Surprise right?!  I actually made two during the week, and then one yesterday and one today.  Let me introduce you!

I'm still learning about what fabrics work well together and I like the freshness of this white one with the aqua and green lace.  First of all, the pattern is called 'Shelley' from Bra Makers Supply in Hamilton (I think that I need shares in this company,what with the referrals and purchases that I have been making!!!)  All the fabrics and notions are also from Bra Makers Supply - apart from the gingham flower and beads, they are from my personal stash.  I used the blue and aqua lace on the blue bra here - what a difference there is depending on the main fabric that is used.  I love this bra!

At the same time that I made the white/green/aqua  bra above, I also made this one with the purple lace.  I picked up the lace on my trip to Ann's fabrics, it is a stable lace (no stretch) in a deep purple with white thread that means is picked up beautifully by the main fabric that is also in white.  The gingham flower actually matches somewhat better than it appears in the photo.  Honest!  It took me three evenings after work to make these two white bras - an hour or two each night.  Very simple but very effective!

I made this lovely lilac bra on Saturday.  The lace is a stretch lace from Ann's Fabrics again.  I dillied and dallied for ages trying to determine what combination of fabrics to make this is - and I am really pleased with it.  It will be interesting to see if there is any difference between the  stretch lace on this bra and the rigid lace on the other three bras on this post.

The last bra I made was this delicate pink one, that I made today.  I cut out all the pieces on Saturday evening and timed myself making it this morning - 2hrs 20mins.  Not too shabby!  And that included sewing on the ribbon and pearl bow on the front.  The bows and flowers that I have used on these four bras are ones that I have previously purchased for card making - so check out your scrapbooking aisle for reasonably priced adornments. 

The lace for this pink bra is actually a gathered lace that I have had for years.  I carefully unpicked the stitches that held a band that gathered the lace, gave it a good pressing, and it has turned out beautifully.  It is more like an embroidered tulle and it all looks so very delicate.  The pale colour of this one means that it will get worn a LOT!

I saw that the lovely Carolyn had put up a post today about bra making and using the the proper findings (elastics, rings, sliders etc).  I cannot recommend enough how professional your bra will be if you use the correct bits and pieces.  You need a stretchy fabric for the back band of your bra - but some thing more stable to support your breasts.  Similarly, a good solid elastic is best for the band trim, but something more delicate for the neckline or straps is more appropriate.

And matching rings, sliders and hooks & eyes - gorgeous!!

I used white wire casing (I forgot to pick up the matching lilac - but you can buy it!), but I do like my other trims to match/co-ordinate.  One trick I did read about was about having all the colour up front, and then use neutral fabrics/trims for the back.  Apparently some of the more expensive RTW designers use that trick.  

I do like the insides to look as good as the outsides!!

So here we are - my fabulous four bras for this week!  Carolyn also linked to this video - although it deals with foam cups, some of the steps are the same as the ones that I have used for my soft cups.  I am hoping to be able to share some news for you pretty soon that will help those of you who want to learn how to sew the bras that I have made, but so not want to travel.

Next up really needs to be some matching knickers/boyshorts, so I think that I will concentrate my efforts on that during the next week or two - and then I can have (for the first time in my life) matching underwears!  How exciting!


  1. Oh I love these. I think the last pink one if my favorite - so pretty and delicate. I love it. I took a bra making class several years and hated it - they weren't pretty. I recently bought the shelley pattern and a kit but haven't wanted to deal with fitting. What do you fit with? g

  2. First of all was the wire - it has to sit around the 'root' of your breast comfortably, and then it as inserted into a bra that matched my ribcage/cup size. On the course I took there were 30+ sample bras (I only tried on one and it was the most comfortable bra I had ever tried on!) The instructor, Beverley, then looked at the fit on me and determined that I needed to lose fabric in the bottom cup (that was done by splitting the lower cup into two pieces and taking out the excess fabric). I also needed a bit more space in the back band. These changes were made to the original pattern, and I was off and running!

    1. hmmm - I wonder if Beverly does fittings by photo? And how weird would it be to send a photo of yourself in a bra to a stranger? The sample bra was? Bra fabric? Muslin? g

  3. Wow - you have been churning them out. If you are not careful you will be investigated for being a sweat shop. Very stunning. Love them all.

  4. Wow, thank you for all these bra posts. I have become more inspired to make a bra with every one I read! I have had the elastic etc for ages now and can't work out why I am so hesitant to take the 'plunge'! You have made some really lovely bras.

  5. They are all beautiful!! I just bought supplies to make one also.
    I bought the Classic bra pattern, and also the panty pattern from Beverly.
    do you like the Shelly pattern better than the Classic

  6. A lovely collection of bras. You are so inspiring me to make some later this fall.

  7. Bra Making is a skill I'm so interested in, but have yet to take the plunge, Your four beautiful bras are so inspiring. In my size black, white and nude are my choices. I'm on a mission now to find a class. Thanks for posting.

  8. Your course has paid great dividends. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am interested to see the finer points about which type of elastic to use where etc. as well. I had a look at my rtw bras and you are right, they do use neutral trims inside. I am looking at them from a constructional point of view now.

  9. What exquisite lingerie! Your workmanship is perfection.

  10. absolutely darling, What a nice thing to make for yourself. You are going to smile every time you wear one !!


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