Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Boob Camp - Moulded Cups

The Bra Makers Supply shop in Hamilton is situated in the fabric quarter of the town.  I have never been anywhere like this before, and was thrilled to see so many fabric shops nearby, as well as the art that adorned the streets:


Back to the sewing machine for me and moulded (foam) cup bras were next - this was on display in the shop.  I rather like the whole asymmetrical look of the jersey fabric on the cups:

This is the Amanda pattern.  By this stage of the game I realised the importance of taking 'in progress' photos, so I am able to share the making of this bra with you.  Incidentally, there are two types of foams cups - the moulded ones that I am going to show you here, and foam cups where you use your pattern pieces (without seam allowances where applicable) to make your own personalized cup. 

A small alteration had to be made to the moulded cup and I then covered it with a lovely spotty netting:

I found it quite therapeutic covering the cups - it has to be done carefully so as to not 'dent' the cup, and it turns out that my knee is a perfect stand-in to support the cup!  I am on the fence with this bra - nothing to do with the pattern or the fit - just the whole moulded cup thing.  I've never worn one before, and the foam is quite warm - perhaps it will be a winter bra!

To finish off this post I wanted to talk about some of the recent comments on Boob Camp and pass on some information.  Firstly - thank-you for the comments, you have no idea how excited I get when a comment is left!!

So, in no particular order:

  • Check out this link from Bra Makers Supply.  Here is a list of bra making teachers throughout the world.  It is my understanding that all these ladies have trained with Beverly and deliver the same course that I took - worth looking into!
  • Phillipa - I will email Beverley and ask her about pdf patterns and see whether that is on the horizon or not.  Also, I know that she travels to Stockholm each year to teach bra making (in English!) so maybe that might be an option for you.  It would certainly be a lot closer than Canada!  Perhaps drop them an email?
  • Louise and Ann - the blog Make Bra has a tutorial about making foam cup bras and Cloth Habit has a sew-a-long for making a regular under-wired bra.  The sewing itself is not difficult, I would not say that it is advanced, just that you need to make sure that the different steps occur in a particular order.  I would love to know how you get on!  The course really explained the whole process - but it is not always possible to attend.  I really would recommend it if you can.
Until the next installment . . . . ! 


  1. Thank you for these great reviews. Now I have another place to add to my list.
    Would love to make a sports bra. I do love the turquoise one.

  2. This is beautiful. I so want to make pretty bras. Wonder what my hubby would think of my going to Canada for sew camp? Hmmmm . . . .


  3. This is a fabulous series. I am finding every post interesting and I am so pleased to be able to talk self made bras with you! I was re-measured in December and the kind of bras they sold me were these moulded cup ones. I am not sure about them at all. They give great uplift and shape but I feel they add a tiny bit more bulk where I need it least! Another advantage is that they don't stretch out, which was a problem with my old bras (which were much more expensive, incidentally). I haven't found them noticeably warmer either. I wonder how you will get on with them!
    Thank you for your response to my last query. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to travel abroad at the moment, although it would be fabulous! However I will definitely see if I can get some patterns. I haven't been able to find anything suitable in the ranges here.


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