Monday, August 4, 2014

Another Weekend = More Bras!!!

Hey, step aside and let the addict have her fix!  Things are a little trying right now (we are having a deck built in the garden and that is causing us a little stress) - so I have retreated to my happy place to make pretty things - always a 'cheer me up'!!

Also, it turns out that the lovely lacey pink bra that I showed you last week . . . . .

Is somewhat uncomfortable to wear :(

That 'oh so pretty' gathered netting trim on the strap, runs along the armhole - and scratches like an 'I-don't-know-what'. Grr.  What a nightmare.  What is to be done?  I know, make a similar one with the trim where it should be - on the neckline!

So this is version two - I used the 'Classic Bra' pattern this time which used trim across the top of the cups, and some leftover netted lace from my moulded cup bra:

No more scratchiness!!

And then I made a couple of others.  I have been wanting to make a chocolate coloured bra for ages, well, at least since my course!  I paired up the fabric with some lovely coffee coloured lace that actually looks nude when I wear it:

And then I wanted to use up the leftover lace from my first turquoise bra.  Here is the original - using the finished edge of the lace to form the wings of the butterfly:

And on this bra the finished edge is on the top edge of the cups.

This means that when buying lace which is 5"/6" wide - there is a lot of leftover lace . . . . . so this is what I made!

I saved just a little lace with an edge attached to trim the bridge - I think it looks pretty good!

So there we have it - another three pretties to add to my collection . . . but still no knickers.  I really must concentrate on knickers!  And I will.  I promise!

How about you - are you easily sidetracked by projects that are quick and you know will turn out well, despite knowing you should be making something else??


  1. Wow - you are getting so good at making bras. You should open a shop!

  2. All very pretty (and skilfully made).

  3. Beautiful bras. I have never attempted to make them myself but oooh you are tempting me.

  4. So ,so pretty..
    Best wishes on your new deck..

  5. Beautiful. Received my turquoise fabric and notions from Bra Makers Supply's
    and look forward to starting mine :)

  6. You are doing such beautiful bras! Fabulous topstitching and wonderful choices in fabrics. I may be a large bit jealous.

  7. You are now a bra making guru. These are all lovely and show your sense of style.
    Now please fly here and teach me:)

  8. These are beautiful. A whole drawer full of handmade bras! Btw commiserations, I hate having work done on the house, but it's usually worth the pain. Hope it's finished soon!


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