Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Boob Camp - Travelling & Socks

Having spent all day sewing (it was hell you know, sheer hell!!) I had the opportunity to go out and about locally.  So let me share some photos with you!

One evening I met up with friends in Port Credit for dinner.  It is due to these friends that Mr. SDSC and I came to Canada in the first place - Tim and I were Police Officers together in the UK so it was lovely to get together and 'swing the lamp'!

Can you see Toronto in the background of the above photo?  It is just about there!

I also had a trip to Ancaster - a little village just outside the main town of Hamilton.  I bought some gorgeous mohair/silk yarn to make a very luxurious scarf . . . . and got some lovely photos!

And I managed to finish another pair of socks . . . . .

It has been one busy week!  Tomorrow I plan on wrapping up Boob Camp with lots of photos of fabrics and some gorgeous bras that I am hoping will be inspirational for you!


  1. Lovely socks. I looked at the patterns for bras and like the basic one with the full band and the sports bra. I am considering buying the patterns and the basic kit for 2015.

    Lovely pictures and I would love to go but will have to see if I can.

  2. Great pics and lovely snugly socks.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to move to Canada, too. And super socks, as always!


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