Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fashion Shoot - Catching Up!

Well, it looks as though I may have solved my photographer issue, and now do not have to worry about relying on my Father or Mr. SDSC (fabulous photographers that they are!)  The solution?  Cashing in some of those Air Miles and turning them into a camera that I can work remotely through my iPhone,  It is a Lumix 'point and shoot' - nothing fancy, and in fact the spec is a little less than my current camera.  However, as it has a wireless thingy (hey, if this is getting too technical, let me know!!)  I have downloaded an app for my phone, and the phone acts as the remote - I can even zoom in using the phone.  Pretty freaky, right?  The only downside is that I have to hold the phone to take pic, but I am not complaining about that!  So here we go, modeled photos of the garments that I gave you close ups of here.  There are five skirts to get through (Butterick 4877), so I hope that you are sitting comfortably!

Let's start with the purple ruffle skirt made from fabric from Vogue Fabrics, and worn here with a RTW black tank, a black ponte cardigan (based on McCalls 4466.  I've made a few of these cardis but don;t seem to have blogged about this one) and shoes that I would usually wear with trousers (my heels - and I don't actually have many pairs - are at work!)

Hmmmm. The photos are not as sharp as I would like, I may need to play around with this camera.

Next is the white corduroy.  Same black tank and cardigan as above:

Want to see some color?  How about the red Butterick 5687?

I tried to get a motion pic (see above) to show you how flippy the ruffles are.  Love them!

Do I look like I'm thinking?  Working?  Checking emails?  Actually, this is me setting up the camera using the phone app.

The next skirt is one of two that I made from the same rayon/poly tweed fabric.  One is plain ans straight, the other I went a little crazy and added hip pockets . . . . . that ended up a little small because of how I finished up the waistband.  No matter though - I can still fit some lipsalve in or a $1 for my morning coffee!

The last set of photos are of the brown corduroy skirt:

I am wearing my Kwik Sew 3752 from 'Comfortable Dressing'.  I'm not too sure if I like the top with this skirt as I don't think the proportions are very flattering - I think that the top looks better with the longer skirt in the original posting.  I need to think about this combination!  Feels good though!

I have quite a few more outfits to show you that I photographed today, but I do rather think that 17 photos is enough for getting on with!

Oh, one thing that came to light as a result of these photos - I think that my right hip is higher than the left.  I know that my posture is appalling, but when I did stand up straight, the skirts did not hang straight unless I hoiked them up on the left-hand side.  Certainly something to consider for the future.

So, these form part of my Birch Tree Collection and they will be great workhorses in my wardrobe!


  1. You have certainly been busy - I've lost count of how many skirts you have just posted - all quite gorgeous. I do rather like the comfy outfit - it is a bit on the slouchy side, but with thick tights on, and the door closed, and a nice cuppa in the hand, just the right sort of outfit.

  2. I really need to sort out my photography (although budget does not allow at the moment) - this solution is definitely something for me to look into in the future. I like the corduroy skirt the best. I'm not sure why - may be because it's nice to see a lighter colour (especially at this time of year). I think I could do with one of those!

  3. You have some great skirts now - and great outfits all over. I particularly love the "flippy" skirt. Lovely.

  4. Loving your red skirt... actually I'm liking them all. Congrats on your camera now you can take photos when ever you want and not have to reply on anyone :)

  5. Wow. You have certainly been prolific! Makes me feel quite ashamed of myself. Oh well.

    Is it just me or is your right shoulder a little lower than your left as well? It is hard to be sure as you don't have both arms doing the same thing in all photos, which is a good thing, makes for a more attractive photo. Does anyone else see this?

  6. They are all nice! I do like the white corduroy the best.

  7. That's a great set of skirts. I like the red one especially. Such a lovely colour for your winter. Your new camera arrangement certainly beats my awkward selfies in the mirror.

  8. Love your skirts! (the light coming from behind you is what's making "you" dark'ish...the problem will resolve if you have a setting for "back light" or change your position so the light is in front of you)

    1. I think that you are quite right about the backlighting. At the moment I am a little stuck location wise as I cannot find my tripod (I have two, but moved house in March and they are somewhere safe . . . .) Once I find them/buy another, I can use another room where I will be facing natural daylight. I wonder if that will help with the clarity as well? At the moment the ledge at approximately the right height!!


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