Sunday, December 8, 2013

And Three Makes Five!

When I like a pattern, I like to make multiple garments out if it. Cases in point?

1. Sorbetto
2. Butterick 4877
3. Kwik Sew 3752

etc., etc., etc.,

When I mentioned in the last couple of posts about McCalls 6168, and showed you a magenta one and a winter white one - I knew that there would be some more.  So without further ado - please welcome black, chartreuse and brick red versions.

Cough, cough.  Headless shot due to face expression that does not need to be shared with the world!

I put some buttons on this cardigan, and they were an absolute pain.  I used my Singer Featherweight, and the fabric kept wanting to move and stretch.  Grrr.  I needed more stabilizer (didn't have any) so used the paper I have for pattern making.  It is a roll of medical examination paper and it worked a treat!  This fabric is ponte knit (same as the magenta and winter white versions).  I can pick it up quite cheaply in my Canadian big box fabric store, and it feels very soft and lovely.

Next up is the chartreuse one - it is a bit of a dirty green, but the color is surprisingly flattering (not too sure what that says about my coloring!)  This is also a ponte, exactly the same as above.

You may have noticed that the photos are clearer.  I took your advice - and am now standing in direct light.  I'm actually in the en-suite, so had to move towels and in some of the photos you can see the thermostat for the underfloor heating.  Sigh.  I will work on a better locations!  But the most important step was to select a higher resolution picture - turns out I was using a really low resolution for the other photos.  Oh well, you live and learn!

And finally - the brick red version.  This is made from a 100% cotton jersey fabric that has a thick/thin ribbed pattern.  As it does not have any spandex/lycra, it is not super-stretchy, but more stable, like the ponte knits.

You can just see the ribbing in this last picture.  The trousers (pants) are my first pair of lined wool, and they are heavenly to wear!  I will have a post on these during the week.

Want to see the five cardigans together?

And how about a few ensemble ideas?

Brick red cardigan, houndstooth Sorbetto, white corduroy skirt.

Black cardigan, white corduroy skirt.

Black cardigan, target skirt.

Chartreuse cardigan, target skirt.

I love this cardigan pattern (McCalls 6168) and although I will probably not need another one in my wardrobe - never say never.  Oh, who am I kidding, they are great and I will be making more!!!!!

My review of McCalls 6168 can be found here.


  1. I love every one of your cardigans.. The red if my favorite. I am going to have to buy this pattern.. Looks so good on you.. Happy sewing.

    1. I am searching for that pattern..I didn't realize it was OOP. I am watching ebay and etsy.. Hoping one will be for sale soon.. thank you so much for sharing the pattern #.

    2. Argh!!! I think that it has only just recently gone OOP - so hopefully you will be able to pick it up locally if your nearby sewing shops still sell it. I got mine about 3 weeks ago from my local Fabricland. Good Hunting!!

  2. These cardigans are great! I can see why you would make this over and over. It looks warm and cozy!

    1. Oh, they are. And we have just had a couple of large dumpings of snow, so the timing couldn't have been any better!

  3. You amaze me with your capacity to make multiples :). What lovely cardigans they all are, very attractive and I love all your bright colours - must be cheering with the weather you will be having :)

  4. The chartreuse is my favorite, but I am crazy for that color. What a wonderful wardrobe of cardis! You will be cozy all winter long.


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