Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bye Bye Simplicity :(

I came across this disturbing message on the Fabricland website a few days go:

So, no local place to purchase Simplicity patterns from in the future.  I have to admit to being a bit of a pattern-aholic and whether I would like any new patterns or not, the fact that they will no longer be available locally, is rather a shame. I know that they can be purchased online (complete with extortionate postal charges) - but where is the instant gratification of that?  No scouring through the patterns books and finding a design that I 'can't live without', or rushing out to get a pattern that I had previously rejected, but having seen it on another sewing blogger, my wardrobe is incomplete without it.

WalMart used to sell fabric and patterns, but there was a big clear out a few years ago, and they only sell limited supplies and a few pre-cut home-dec and quilting fabrics.  So that was the only other avenue open.  I wonder - is Canada such a backward nation of sewists and seamstresses that no-one wants to stock sewing patterns?

Oh well, it is what it is . . . . . the only upside is that the current patterns are being sold off very cheaply, and I picked up these 6 at the weekend:

I really enjoy making little shell tops and have made a number of Sorbetto's.  I thought that the first two patterns, (1886 & 1806) would give me some great alternative options.  1616 has a great selection of summer skirts in both knit and woven fabrics.  I rather like the hip yoke - very cute.

Now I know that you are looking at 2482 and wondering if I have lost my senses, but let me tell you, I live in a place where the temperatures drop to -30c with great regularity during the winter, and snuggling up in a dressing gown/house-coat (I've got some great animal print fleece!  Ha!) would be glorious.  I also like the shorter version as a quick jacket to wear on warmer days.

1918 & 1653 are part of my master plan for the New Year - details to follow on January 1st!!

So there we go, unless I am holidaying in the US, or Simplicity has a great sale on with reduced postage (and I can wait 4-6 weeks for delivery), there will not be any Simplicity pattern for me for some time . . . . unless anyone has any suggestions????


  1. Oh that is why they were on sale. I ran into Fabricland on the weekend and I was surprised that they were allowing customers to go in the Simplicity, New Look drawers on their own and that they were priced at $2.00. I also heard rumors of bankruptcy but I haven't seen anything recently on-line about it. Hmmm, hope they're okay. I would hate to see another fabric store bite the dust.

    1. Ugh! That would be a nightmare. I do find that they sell a lot of overpriced 'tat', but I can pick up Bemberg lining for $5/m, and I have had some great '70% off' fabrics. I love the convenience - if they go bump, there is only one apparel fabric store in Calgary - and that is very expensive :(

  2. Well if you get desperate I can go to my Joann's here to buy what simplicity /new look that you need...and mail it to you.

  3. So sorry.. I love going and looking at the patter books, to pick out a pattern and take it home with me....I do order old patterns on ebay and Etsy.. but that's not the same..

  4. This is terrible news (I am not being sarcastic!). John Lewis was the only place that had old fashioned pattern books (about half an hour from where I live) in our area, and it stopped stocking them a couple of years ago, so I am an internet shopper for patterns now, too. I have found a couple of UK sites where the postage isn't too prohibitive (for packages within the UK), I really hope you can find something similar in Canada. Sewing without Simplicity/New Look patterns just wouldn't be the same!!

  5. I caught wind of it in late September and thought that was awful they were discontinuing Simplicity. I do hope they aren't going bankrupt as that will leave us with no garment fabrics in our area. It means having to travel 4 to 5 hours to the coast (pay a toll to cross a bridge) to get garment fabrics. UGH!!

  6. I am coming over the border on the 30th of this month for a ski holiday. If you want I will go to JoAnn's here and get the patterns you want and mail from a Canadian Post Office. My email is becky (at) mckee n t (dot) com


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