Tuesday, December 3, 2013

McCalls 6168 - Oh How I Love Thee!

These cardigans are from McCalls 6168 and I used view B, a straight size 24 with no alterations.  I probably could use a centre back seam and make an adjustment for my rounded upper back, but hey, sometimes you can get lazy and it pays off!  Both the cream and magenta fabric are rayon mix Ponte de Roma from Fabricland.  The fabric has a great drape, is lovely and soft, but does tend to pill a little after (ok, ok, quite a few wears!), so I will need to watch out for this.  I have purchased the buttons for these two and will get the buttonholes put on in the next few days.

Firstly, here is a 'winter white' version:

I also made a magenta pink version, same fabric:

It looks a little tight across my shoulders here, but it really is a pretty good fit.  I think it looks stretched as I had me arms forward, fiddling with the remote for the camera!

The skirts are all from my previous post.

The trousers are McCalls 5239, and look a little baggy here - I'll have to take the legs in a bit on the next version.  I plan making some up in wool as winter is about to descend upon us in Southern Alberta!

I am particularly pleased with the pink cardigan - I think the color suits me rather well, and it goes with an awful lot of other garments in my wardrobe - probably because I have many black and grey separates!

How much do I love these cardis?  Well, I have another three cut out, a black Ponte, a dirty green Ponte (the colour looks surprisingly good against my face) and some brick-red, rib-pattern, cotton jersey.  Photos coming soon!  And of course . . . .they all work well with my Birch Tree Collection!


  1. Love them! They will be great go-to's in your wardrobe as they seem to go with so many of your outfits ... your on a winner with this pattern ... J

  2. Lovely. You have some great outfits now. Very nice indeed.

  3. Very nice! It always works nicely to have cardigans that go well with many item. Good job!

  4. Lovely style and so flattering. Yes, the pink looks great on you.

  5. Very flattering! I think the back looks absolutely fine on both. I've bought the Roma ponte at JoAnne's back in Denver and found it to pill as well. The ponte that's twice as much--only with a 50% coupon :) --doesn't pill. I've found crazy wonderful ponte here in UB that only runs me about $5 (USD) per miter!

  6. What a great pattern! No wonder you have lots more planned. It's a great style and fits and suits you perfectly :)

  7. The Burda Magazine info you gave is very helpful. Thanks so very much!

  8. love them both! especially the pop of pink!


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