Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Pillowcases

I've already been through the 'obsessed with making pillowcases' posting, so all I can add are 'here are some more!'  I bought 2m of each of three different co-ordinating quilting fabrics, and this is the result:

6 mix and match pillowcases.  I love the acid green and blue combination - not your traditional Christmas colors, but they still look fabulously festive!  Four of the pillowcases have gone to the lovely Charlotte and Libby - the gorgeous daughters of friends, and the last two to my brother and his wife so that they have a festive bedroom leading up to Christmas!

PS.  It looks as though I have resolved my photographer issues, and hope to take LOADS of photos of modelled skirts shown in Skirt Snippets from a few days ago, so watch this space for an update!


  1. How cute.... I love Christmas pillowcases.. So fun!! Happy sewing.. Look forward to seeing the modeled skirts.

  2. I love making pillowcases! One year for Christmas I made a pillow case of the month for each of my girls. I just bought themed quilting cottons through out the year. Some months I had to get creative (August?) but it was very fun. Recently my engaged daughter asked me to make a new set of monthly pillowcases for her - but I'm thinking she really doesn't want them. g

  3. I smiled yesterday when I came across the pillowcases you made for Mary Bridge :)

  4. Lovely pillowcases - lucky recipients.

  5. All kids love their pillowcases, now is the time to pick up those Christmas pints on sale. Your are sooooooo cute.


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