Thursday, January 3, 2013

TKOB - The First Pieces

You may call it cheating, but I prefer to think of it as maximizing my time and increasing my enthusiasm levels - and so I have made the first four pieces of my Taking Care of Business SWAP 2013 (TKOB)  using some very quick and easy patterns.

First off is the two piece dress using a lovely grey Aztec print in sweater jersey from that I got for Christmas.  The skirt is a 4 gore pattern Simplicity 4221 that I have used here and here.  I made it a little shorter than previous incarnations and lined it with a plain black lining.

Apologies for the headless shot but I was taking photos using the timer on the camera and my facial expressions are a little disturbing!!

Both of the tops are pullovers with polo necks - well, it is winter time and I wanted to try another neck treatment - I am pleased with how the neckline looks.  Here I have used my franken top TNT based upon Kwik Sew 3752.  One of the tops is in the same grey Aztec sweater print as the skirt and makes my 2 piece dress, the other is made from some brown cotton/lycra fabric that I have used before in red, white and black to make similar tops (sorry, no photo just yet!)  The other skirt is a new pattern for me (Butterick 4877) - the first time that I have tried it.  I used a grey poly fabric.  I am not too sure of the composition but it one that I inherited from my mother's sewing room and feels great against the skin and drapes well.  This has a fitted waist so I put an invisible zip in the back centre seam and lined it all with a plain black lining again. It also has a flounce and I love flounces!  Both skirts have 1" lace added to the lining as it makes me feel special when I am wearing them!

I am a little disappointed with the look of this skirt - I L.O.V.E flounces, but I think that in this case it really cuts the skirt in half and is unflattering.  I will need to think a little more about this - as it is one of Mum's fabrics, I am annoyed at my poor pattern choice.  On the positive side I have used the top half of this pattern to make a fitted straight skirt, and ran one up today in black corduroy - it fits a treat.  So much so that I will be swapping out the long black corduroy skirt from my Ikat Winter Collection 6PAC and replacing it with this new version.  Photos to follow!

I think that my next pattern to tackle in this collection will be the Sorbetto tops.  Once I have mastered the fit, I can cut a few out and get them sewn up.  I am thinking off entering the 'One Pattern, Many Looks' competition on Pattern Review (I know it has been done before, but it would be such a great opportunity).

So, how are you getting along with your New Year sewing?


  1. Not cheating at all, particularly as these look so wearable!
    As for the grey skirt, only this morning I was looking at a red skirt Rhonda whipped up, and I am wondering if the little added details she used might be suitable for your skirt ...

    You might already follow her at Rhonda's Creative Life. Can't wait to see your Sorbetto's - they are one of my fav little tops...

  2. The style of the top is great! As for the flounce on the skirt, I'm thinking the flounce should be lower on the skirt and a bit shorter. That way it doesn't look so much like it is cutting it in half?

  3. I agree with Judith and don't think it's cheating at all... I'd call it being a smart sewer. I too think that if the skirt flounce was a little lower and shorter it would look great and would give you a more flattering look. I'm looking forward to seeing your Sorbetto top I haven't yet made one of these but it's on my wish list.

  4. Folks - thanks for your feedback. It really helps to get other views and I appreciate that! It is funny, it is only after I started taking photos and posting them that I realize what I actually look like! It is somewhat different from how I think I look!

    I love Rhonda's skirt (thanks for the link Judith). I will certainly have a play around and see what I can come up with!

  5. Not cheating at all. You have been busy!

  6. I really like the sweater printed pieces. I agree with asisewit that you're not cheating by using easy pieces. The point of SWAP is to come up with a wearable wardrobe from TNT patterns. It doesn't say that the patterns have to been intricate or complex! You're off to a great start!


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