Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Pattern Many Looks - Sorbetto

See, one sew-a-long completed - now it is time for another!!  I am entering the Pattern Review 'One Pattern Many Looks' contest.  This runs for the month of January and is pretty straightforward:

The goal of this contest is to take one view of a pattern, and create multiple garments with distinct looks from that view, without needing pattern drafting skills.

I can do that!  As I mentioned here, I have wanted to make these tops for quite some time, and I was really pleased with my wearable muslin (black serger thread and all!!)

The skirt is my straight skirt version of Butterick 4877 and the orange cardigan is from McCalls  4466.  Both are from my Ikat Winter Collection.


The PR Review is here.

I love it!  So I thought I'd cut out another one or two or seven.  Ah yes.  Seven.  And why not???  I have decided to sew these next ones with more care and precision including french seams and self-made bias binding.  I picked up a bias-binder-maker-thingy at the weekend but couldn't get the foot for my Pfaff.  The lady in the sewing shop said that it was hard to get feet for my machine as it was so old (I bought it in 2004).  Cheeky madam.  I've ordered one from Etsy so we will see how that works out.  The other option was to clean up one of my vintage Singers as I have the attachment feet for them.  And a ruffler and lots of other whizzy, whizzy feet!

I am at the stage of attaching the binding, and as this will be a lot of work for 7 tops so I thought I'd take time out and audition some buttons.  This is what I have come up with:

I like the simplicity of the off white buttons (above) but I also like the wooden ones below.

Oh yes, and these grey buttons (below) looked good too!

As did these deep burgundy ones - but I have another shirt for those!!

Three mismatch buttons looked rather funky too.  I think I will just have to make a few plain white/cream shirts to showcase all the buttons!


I'm liking these dark brown wooden buttons (above).  Plain but effective.  This fabric is a cotton/lycra shirting and there is some texture to the fabric .  It is a pain to hold a crease though so I will probably have to sew the pleat along its length to hold it.

I love the contrast of the black (above) with the yellow - so I think that they are a keeper.  The last one I would like to show you this evening is the polka dot fabric below, with cotton trim and the burgundy button from above.

Finally, cut out a tartan skirt using my straight skirt version of Butterick 4877, using this gorgeous tartan fabric:

I bought the fabric about 10-12 years ago from a booth at the NEC Sewing Show.  I remember it was not cheap - possibly GBP 15-20, but it is a lovely fabric.  I've no idea how much wool it contains, but I hand-washed it gently and it seems good.  I did a bit of research and I believe that it is Stewart Dress Tartan.  I plan on using a red invisible zipper - the pull tab will show but I think it will look fun.  Oh, and of course it will be lined.

So there we have it - this should keep me busy this week (I am back to work tomorrow) so my sewing time will be limited.

How about you - what do you have planned for the week?


  1. Seven Sorbetto's! Now that is my type of sewing...

  2. WOW!! Seven tops and all look great. Can't wait to see them all completed.

  3. I really need to pull this pattern out and use it! You are on a roll. I plan to make a couple more Renfrew tops, but I may be too busy packing! We just found out we are moving at the end of the month (but only a block away to a bigger house with my own sewing studio!!!).

  4. You sure are on a roll... what a great new collection to add to your wardrobe. I love the black, white & yellow... oh and the blue & white with the red buttons... actually I really like them all :)

  5. Wow! You are just cooking along. I love that black and yellow fabric and black buttons!

  6. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love your button version of the sorbetto top. Never thought of doing that.

  7. Hey! Just joined up on Ravelry - madebyJ - thanks for your help with my 'thumb' problem. Had to undo it one more time, but just a few rows to get rid of that hole you mentioned. Now all I need is cold weather - and another mitt for the other hand!!!

  8. Love your plans - especially the blak, white and yellow.

  9. You've done a beautiful job designing such a range of lovely variations on this very popular pattern :) Good luck with the contest!

  10. Oh my goodness, the blue polka dots with red buttons and lace is fantastic! Did you modify the neckline on this one, or is that just the way the fabric is sitting? Can't wait to see the final version :)

    1. Thank-you! The neckline is just lying funny, I didn't cut it any different, but there are certainly lots of options for doing so!

  11. That is so productive! You're making so many attractive fabric and button combinations - good luck in the contest.

  12. Did you say S E V E N ??? You're off and running for 2013! Very cute :)

  13. That's a lot of work but it looks like you've already got the planning for these tops all sewn up:) I look forward to seeing your final entry. Good luck.

  14. Such a great pattern, and you've done such a great job!


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