Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another 3 Bite the Dust!

Sorbetto's that is.  And really, here are two as I gave you a sneak peak of #5, but nonetheless, here are Sorbetto's #5, #6 and #7 . . . . .

#5 SockBunny

This is made from a super soft cream fabric that I blogged about here - I hadn't taken any proper photos though, so here they are:

#6 - Candy Stripes Sorbetto

This fabric is cotton with a little lycra.  It also has a finish like seersucker.  Very nice!  Due to the stretch I thought that I might have a problem with the bias binding, so I chose a co-ordinating fat quarter with I think is rather cute!

#7 Lilac Sorbetto

I have this fabric since 2000.  I distinctly remember buying from a bolt end fabric shop in Walsall (UK).  It is 100% cotton and is slightly thicker than shirting as it is actually sheeting.  I bought some to make a duvet cover and matching pillow case - that never happened, but it keep smiling at me from my stash, beckoning me to stitch it up into some loveliness.  So I did.  I thought that the fabric would be too thick for the bias binding, but I pressed the heck out if it and it looks just great!


So there you go - 7 Sorbetto's for the One Pattern Many Looks contest.

And here is my final compilation photo courtesy of Picasa Collage:

I love all the different fabrics and these tops will be fabulous for the summer.  I think my favorite is the blue polka-dot version with the cute buttons, but as with your own children and dogs - I love them all!!!!  I will certainly make some more - some plain colored ones will go down a treat.  I will also use the pattern, along with my straight skirt (that featured heavily in all these photos!), morphed together to to make a dress for the RTW Designer Knockoff contest that I blogged about.  My PatternReview review is here.

Phew, well now that these are completed, I am going to finish off my tartan skirt, and then I think I need to make a couple of cardigans to work into my 2013 SWAP!  No rest for the wicked!


  1. Wow. They are all so cute. I just love the trim and buttons on the first one.

  2. You've got quite the wardrobe started! I love the variety of these tops.

  3. You are definitely the 'Sorbetto Queen' with these little lovelies! Love all of them...J

  4. What a lovely collection of sorbettos. I think my favourite is the dotty blue one too. Good luck in the contest :)

  5. Every time I see a group of them my favorite changes. I still think I like the yellow one best quickly followed by bunny! She's just so fun with her strippy binding and multi colored size and color buttons. g

  6. So pretty all of them. I especially like the first one with the trim and various buttons!

  7. That is such a lovely set of very pretty little summery tops! I just love all those gorgeous fabrics you've chosen! And am very impressed with your collaging skills :)
    Good luck in the contest!

  8. I think my favorite is the cream with the striped binding and mismatched buttons. So adorable! 7 variations is mighty impressive.

  9. They're all very nice, but the striped binding on the cream top is my favorite. The mis-matched buttons are the icing on the cake!

    What a versatile pattern; I might make up one myself with some of this stash fabric.


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