Friday, January 4, 2013

Sorbetto Love

I know that I am a little behind the 8 ball here, but today I made my first Sorbetto!  There have been some great incarnations of this pattern as seen here, but this is mine!

Sorry about the 'hanger' shot, but hubby has been a little slack on the photography front.  My father will be round tomorrow so I will seek my inner model and pose away!

I am thrilled with the design - I used my master pattern from my fitting class that dealt with my swayback, rounded back, forward shoulder, FBA etc, (!) and sandwiched it with the Sorbetto original.  And boy, the fit is great!  One of the things I learned on my course is to add 1" seam allowances to the side seams - this allows for quite a bit of adjustment relating to ease.  With this pattern, I trimmed off a lot of this extra ease - particularly around the hip area.  Also, I think my pattern is somewhat longer than the original pattern - my back is 20".

The fabric was really a wearable muslin - I read on another blog that it is all well and good to use ordinary muslin, but if you use fabric that that is OKish, you are more likely to finish the garment.  I have to say that I like this fabric made up much better than seeing it in the stash!  It is 100% cotton and I chose this as I knew the front pleat would iron well.  I didn't think about how it would disappear into the fabric!  I used purchased, white bias binding and it worked well.  I plan on buying a 'make it yourself bias binding gizmo' tomorrow, and if I am near a shop that sells feet, I may well pick up a foot for my Pfaff that adds bias binding automatically.  Oh, and I think that french seams would look a lot better than black serging thread!!

Here are a few fabrics that I have pulled for some more Sorbettos . . . . .

But this is my favourite:
So that is it really - not much else to say other than I will make a lot of these as they are excellent shells under jackets and cardigans.  I want to try some plain fabric with buttons, and some dotty fabric and lace.  I hemmed the bottom - but there is no reason why bias binding cannot be added instead.  I will be using Colleterie's bias binding tutorial - I think I will use an 11" square and that should give me plenty!

And yes, I have Sorbetto love . . . . . . !


  1. Welcome to the 'club!' I just love a Sorbetto top and have made up a couple already. Your fabric choices for the next ones are lovely...

  2. I have this pattern printed and taped together, but have yet to make it. I want to try it with a sleeve, as I don't wear sleeveless clothes. I've heard it is a fabulous pattern. Don't know why I am slow getting it done!
    I love that yellow and black print, although they are all great choices. This is another pattern that can easily become a TNT. It is a great basic for layering.

  3. Cute and the pattern is free! Score!


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