Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter 6PAC

Stitchers Guild is running a Winter 6PAC sew-a-long - and I'm in!  I guess that first of all I ought to mention that my Singer Collection is on hold - but only because I am going to take some fitting classes over the last two weekends in November, and I am not wanting to sew any fitted garments until then . . . . so in the meantime I need to make some clothes to fill the holes, no - not holes but CRATERS in my wardrobe (don't tell hubby, he would never believe you!)

Soooooo, I have a few TNT patterns (4 gored shirt, pullover top, cardigan) and a 6PAC would be perfect.  But wait - what is a 6PAC you may ask?  Well, it started some time ago and stood for 6 Piece Autumn Collection.  The name PAC took on a life of its own, and now PAC stands for Pieces of Amazing Clothing.  Cute huh?!  The guidelines are:

You are sewing 6 garments that work together and fit your life and your climate.  You are picking pieces that can become workhorses for you, in your life. Obviously if you are a Massage Therapist in a seaside resort your selections will be very different from a NYC Corporate Attorney. Just choose garments, patterns and fabrics that are worth your time and talent- things that will last, if you want them to. That way you really get a big reward from this type of sewing.

You might not need a coat. If it's Summer coming on in your area, sew for Summer. Depending on how extensive your wearable wardrobe is, you might go for another bottom piece and drop one of the layering pieces. If 6 is too much, make an outfit, say pants, top, and a nice vest or jacket. If time allows, make a 2nd 2 piece outfit and see if you can't just get them to work together.

Fabulous!  I am starting with a good old black skirt - I was half dressed this morning and found that I did not have a longish black skirt (plain, not heathered/striped/anything else, just solid black) to wear.  Sacre bleu - how can this be?  As I have said before, I would love to be in the situation where on a Sunday night I prep a full week of clothes with accessories and footwear - but if I don't have a black skirt, things will be rather tricky!  I found some soft narrow-wale black corduroy in my stash and lined with black Bemberg lining, this will be garment 1.

I am also terribly short on tops, so I will be using this fabric to make a twinset comprising of a pullover top and cardigan - garments 2 and 3:

This is a lovely soft sweater knit (as are the next two fabrics) from

I am then going to make a two piece dress with this cheery Ikat print for garments 4 and 5:

Fortunately I have some solid orange in my stash that matches the the Ikat print, and I think I will make a funky (for me) jacket - three quarter sleeves, scooped neck, maybe Simplicity 2977, 2662 or New Look 6788.  I will have some time to think about that!

I will start cutting out tomorrow, and should have the black skirt, twinset and 2-piece dress completed this weekend - it is a long weekend and I have also booked off Tuesday.  Wow - I will have some choices for work next week!

 These items will be called the Ikat Winter Collection and I am excited to get going . . . . .

I will also be working on my re-construction grey cords-to-a-skirt - I have unpicked the seams, I just need to start cutting!

And finally . . . . . I have made up this (realistic!!) purple cheetah fabric (more sweater knit from into a pullover top and cardigan twinset.  They will work well with my Ikat Winter black skirt, and I hope to get some photos this weekend.  With the nights drawing in, it is dark when I get home and there is no light for pics.

Well, that's me sorted for this weekend - and I hear that it is going to snow, so I am alright (Jack!!)


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