Sunday, November 11, 2012

and The Ugly

I was really rather disappointed with my version of the Slimming Jacket by Linda MacPhee.  I bought the slinky fabric, and sewed it up really quick.  I love the design - big rectangles that made up the most lovely of drapes at the front. 
The instructions are very basic, and I could not find anything that addressed the centre seam at the back of the neck.  As both sides would be seen due to the draped collar - which side should I sew the seam?  I chose to overlock/serge the seam on the 'outside' so that when the collar is folded back it cannot be seen.  But in reality, the collar does not fold back as well as I would like.

I sewed the seam down flat, but that only caused more problems - the knit fabric stretched and now it looks all bumpy and horrid.  What a pain,  I will have to do some unpicking and re-do the seam, maybe even sew down part of the collar around the neck, but in true Tim Gunn style - I will 'make it work'!  Hubby really liked this jacket, so that is a project for this week - until my lovely sweater knits arrive from!


  1. I love your fabrics. So classy looking. Not sure that I understand the seam issue. Is there a way that you could sew part of the seam on one side and then sew the rest of the seam on the other side?

  2. Thank-you for your comment - the seam is really rippled, although it does not show in the photos . . . hmmm . . . maybe the problem is not there? I will have to re-visit this!

  3. Have you tried cutting and making some bias tape and turning the seam into a strap seam? It would be a nice Koos Vanden Acker touch.


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