Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Bad . . . . .

Well, not really 'the bad', more 'the irritating', but if I used that as a title, this little series will not flow so well . . . .

I received my fabrics from - this week.


Wow!  What great customer service!  I purchased some Viva Hatchi sweater knits for $7.85/m, and less than one hour later the prince was reduced to $5.95 - I was a little miffed, emailed customer service, and received the reduced price.  Apparently they honor prices for two weeks - I am not too sure how this works, but the fact that they are open to reductions is very impressive.  I will certainly purchase from them again -and in fact I have . . . . because I ordered 3m of each of three prints . . . . and I need 3.5m to make the items I want.  Grrrr!  I plan to make twinsets, so I have placed another order :o)  Delivery was really good, I ordered on October 16th, it was sent to me on the 19th, and I received it here in Canada on October 23rd.  And pretty cheap postage as well.  Although I love FabricMart, their delivery time (about 4 weeks) and postage costs are rather expensive.  Not that it will stop me shopping there, but it does mean that I will look for alternatives first.

So here I sit, waiting for my additional fabric so that I can make the twinsets . . . . has it arrived yet?!

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