Monday, November 26, 2012

Purple Cheetahs

Whaddaya mean?  You have never seen a purple cheetah?  Really?  Well, let me enlighten you!  This is another fabric from the Hiatchi sweater jersey collection from and I made another twinset.  Same patterns as before (Linda McPhee and Kwik Sew 3752)

I love these colors!  I think that this twinset looks better than the brown one (as a twinset).

Casual 'over the shoulder' pose - doesn't every photoshoot have one of these!!

Again with my plain black 'slinky' top.

More clothes for my wardrobe that will be great to wear to work.  I am one month in to my RTW fast, and I really have not missed buying clothes at all.

Again, it is interesting to see how I look in a photo and as a result I will be making changes to the cardigan (adding shaping via a centre back seam) and making shorter skirts.  But for now, I have a few outfits and my 'Twotoast Private Collection' is beginning to take hold in my closet!!

I think that I have pretty much satiated my 'quick and dirty' sewing, although I do have three more Hiatchi lengths to sew up, and I am looking forward to utilizing the knowledge gained from my recent alterations classes.  Watch this space!


  1. I think some some shaping in the cardigan will be wonderful!

  2. What a fun twin set! I like them both just the way they are.

  3. The purple colouring really suits you, and love the style of the twin set. Off to have a little peek around your blog...J

  4. That fabric is absolutely lovely. I love both pieces just as is too :)


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