Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flirty Skirts!

I love skirts, I really do - long calf length ones, short flirty ones, pretty summer cotton ones, formal suit ones - yep, I love skirts.

So I made a couple more.  Even, if I am on the RTW fast, I still need to dress.  Right?

The first is a simple straight skirt made out of a poly/lycra suiting in a gorgeous crimson red.  I used Simplicity 7740 (OOP):

The skirt is a simple pull on design with a centre split at the back.  It is lined with a lovely red bemberg fabric and finished off with red lace.  I sewed the lining to the sides of the split and added the 'eye' of a 'hook and eye' to the top of the split to prevent it ripping.

This is my 'Frocks and Frou Frou' pose - I have shamelessly copied it from the lovely Lilli.  I know the skirt 'bags' a bit at the front, but I am really not the size or age to wear skin tight skirts anymore - and this is soooo comfy to wear!

I also copied Ms. Carolyn and stitched two rows of top stitching down each side of the centre split - it finished it off rather nicely - the color is a bit off in this photo, sorry about that!

My second skirt is view 'B' of Kwik Sew 3256.  I made a summer skirt using this pattern and I loved how the frill makes the skirt all 'flirty', so I made it again!

This time I used a grey poly/lycra suiting with a diagonal weave that you cannot really see here.  It is lovely and soft and drapes beautifully

I have made a Haider Ackerman inspired 'Jones' coat with the rest of this fabric - post to follow!)

The only thing of note with this skirt is the lining.  The body of the skirt is lined with some stretchy, knitted, lingerie lining, and the frill is a lovely, soft, embossed fabric so when I sit down and the lining pokes out, it looks very cute!  Oh, and I hand stitched the hem - it just didn't look right when it was machine sewn.

I find it very interesting to study the photographs to see what suits and what does not.  I would say that these skirts (on me) are 'short', but looking at the photos they are actually a rather nice length!


  1. I think they are a lovely length on you. Very nice skirts.

  2. These skirts are great wardrobe builders. Love the bold red!

  3. I think the 2nd skirt with the flounce looks very flattering on you.

  4. I like both skirts. My favorite is the black skirt.


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