Friday, January 1, 2016

8th Day of Christmas - Travels

Mr. SDSC and I took a week out in the mountains this autumn.  And fortunately for us, 'the mountains' means the Canadian Rockies.  I had forgotten how fabulous they are.  We got married in the area in 2005, and really should make the effort to get up there more often.  We stayed in Canmore - I actually prefer Canmore to Banff.  It is less commercialised and therefore not nearly as busy.

The view from our apartment.  As it was a celebration of my birthday and our wedding anniversary, we got 'a room with a view'.  These mountains are the Three Sisters and are symbolic of Canmore.


We did drive into Banff, and the scenery there is equally spectacular:

This is looking down onto Vermillion Lakes.  There has been a project to put out these red adirondack chairs in various places of beauty, and we saw some here, near Two Jacks Lake and the top of Sulphur Mountain.  I love the contrast of the red against the natural beauty.

You can catch a gondola (cable car) partway up Sulphur Mountain, and then climb (OK, it really is a walk, but you do get to ascend quite a bit higher) to the weather station at the top.  And this is what you get to see!

We went to the Hot Springs as well, which was lovely, relaxing and rather bizarre - just sitting in hot water is a little strange!!

Another day was spent around Two Jacks Lake - a gorgeous place, and very photogenic.

It was strange being without the dogs for a few days, but so lovely to get away.  The air smells sweeter, the pace of life is slower and we came back feeling most refreshed.  Until next time - we love you Canmore!


  1. Happy Anniversary. The mountains look fabulous. I'm glad you had such an enjoyable and relaxing break.

    1. It really was lovely to get away. I think that at times we forget what is on our doorsteps!

  2. Lovely! I am going to put Canmore on my list to visit!

    1. Excellent - I love it! There is a fabulous quilt shop called the Sugar Pines in Canmore which sells all sorts of goodies. Well worth a visit!

      Now that I'm getting ready to go back to work, we are trying to pinpoint when we can next go up and visit for a few days!!


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