Saturday, January 2, 2016

9th Day of Christmas - My Year in Review

I do enjoy writing up my 'year in review' post.  I find it acts as a great reminder of what I have been making throughout the year and it is fun to walk through my recent history.  I have a terrible memory, so this is a great update!  It usually is a longer post - so feel free to skip this if it is not your idea of fun!


Ah yes, this is when I started playing around with making jeans, starting off with Ginger Jeans.  I also made 4 pairs of work trousers - I had lost weight and my previous ones were too big.  Sadly I have put the weight back on so these are a little on the snug side :(

There were also two cardi's, a pair of handknitted socks, a teeny tiny wallet, a foxy scarf and 6 sets of 'Princess and the Pea' using lots of felt and Altoid tins!

Total: 9 garments, 7 miscs (toys and wallet)


February was the month of jeans cardi's for me, and I made 4 cardis from Simplicity 2154 and 4 pairs of jeans using my TNT pants pattern and the Ginger pattern.  I also managed to throw in 4 wide mouthed pouches that were auctioned for charity.

Total: 8 garments and 4 miscs (pouches).


This was the month that I 'discovered' Lagenlook and Tina Given's patterns.  This discovery was to lead to my SWAP entry for 2015 (more about that next month), and in March I made 6 garments in this style and a waistcoat for my Dad that he wore for his Canadian Citizenship Ceremony.

Total: 6 garments


I finished and submitted my SWAP entry this month - and was absolutely thrilled to be voted into third place.  Amazing!  I made another 6 TG pieces to flesh out the SWAP Collection.  As Tina Givens sells the patterns that she uses for her 'Couture' Collections, I thought that it would be fun to 'price' up my collection and compare.  On average, her garments cost $291 each, whereas mine calculated out to $26 per item.  This is a totally useless, but quite fun fact!

I also made 4 more partial band bras, a bra fabric pouch and 3 iPad holders.

Total: 10 garments and 4 miscs (pouches & iPad holders)


This month I continued making more Lagenlook garments, mostly using TG patterns.  Using the gorgeous rose fabric I made a vest top and jacket, as well as a cream top, pants and jacket.  I also tried my hand at necklaces - and made quite a few interchangeable ones that I am constantly wearing.  I finished off with a couple of infinity scarves - all in all a great month!

Total: 5 garments, necklace, 2 other (scarves).


I played around with skirts in June and made a couple with a double layer - the outer one that could be 'hitched' up.  I made some more jackets in blue and white linen and a rose 'Zelda'.

Total: 5 garments.


In July we had visitors, so I did a lot of travelling around our gorgeous Province - including a trip to the mountains and to the Dinosaur Museum in Drumhellor.  I completed a couple of patterned jackets (at least I think I did, they don't appear to mentioned anywhere else!)

Total: 2 garments.


This was the month that I tried out the Cara pattern by Tina Givens . . . and made three tunics in pale blue, white and cream.  I also made another necklace.  A great month!!

Total: 3 garments, 1 necklace.


I made some lovely bags and pouches in this month.  The 'bra' ones were for the lovely ladies in Hamilton who host the Bra Makers Supply Courses that I attend - it was a little treat for them all as they look after me so nicely!

Total: 7 (bags)


I went on my next bra making course - no photos yet, but I have LOTS of pretties to make new bras!  2016 will be very pretty!  But, it was another bags and wallets month . . . . . and I only blogged about some of them!

Total: 5 (bags and wallets)


I made stuff but didn't blog about it, and the lovely Nico came home with us from the Humane Society:

so straight onto to . . . . .


This was a HUGE catch up month!  So much to tell you about!!  I made my Christmas outfit (skirt, tunic, jacket and petticoat), a pair of jeans (the zipper broke during the final fitting so they are currently sitting in time out) some green corduroy trousers that just need the buttonhole,  turquoise Feather top, Sorbettos in black and brown, Patricia skirts in black, brown, plaid, 3 longline cardis (plain black, coral, cream with blue spots), 3 Zip 'n' Go bags, 5 wine bag holders, 3 pairs of socks, Cortland Mitts, Cowl, retreat bag, and I'm sure that there are lots more that I have missed . . . .

Total: 19 garments, 9 bags.

In summary, my posts were down in total this year - 41 in 2015 as opposed to 52 last year.  That was mainly due to computer issues around August/September time and losing my will to post.  As far as items made, the totals are as follows:

Garments: 67
Other: 39

I am sure that some people will think that this is wasteful - but for me, this is my main hobby - I clothe myself and make items for others, I have not bought any shop bought clothes for over 3 years.  Not being defensive - just stating facts!

So that was my year - how was yours?


  1. You make lagenlook that is my visual until I try it on me- then it's a poofy barrel. I applaud your style!

    1. Thank-you! It has been fun playing with the style and making it work for me!

  2. You are such a busy lady, producing so much beautiful sewing. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank-you! I am lucky to not have too many distractions at home . . . . and a husband that like to do his own thing as well!

  3. So glad I found your blog. You're an inspiration! Hope to get back to sewing for myself after years of smocking and sewing for the grands.

    1. I hope you will sharing your makes as well! And thank-you!

  4. You make not only for yourself but for other people too - that's kind and generous. A nice way to review your busy sewing year.

    1. Thanks - I actually find it really useful to see what I made, what worked, what I was doing with my hair etc!!!!! I do enjoy sewing for others as long as they don't have too much input! Sheesh, probably shouldn't have put that in writing!

  5. Nice review! It was a really busy year for you!) Looking forward to plenty of new lovely sewing from you this year!


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