Thursday, December 31, 2015

7th Day Of Christmas - Bras

I had a fabulous time in Hamilton last year learning how to make bras at Boob Camp, and have been approached by a number of people asking if I make custom bras.  Now there is quite a difference between making a bra for yourself that has already been fitted to you personally, and making one for someone else who is a different size/shape to you.  I do find that bras are easy to make, but the fitting worried me somewhat.  So I signed up for another course this September/October - alterations.

Wow - I'm glad that I didn't try and muddle through on my own - there is a lot to learn.  I was in a small class with three other ladies and we were taught by the Fairy Bra Mother herself - Beverly Johnson.  What she doesn't know about bra making is really not worth knowing at all!

It was another great week - although I managed to book myself into the wrong hotel (thought that I had booked the same one as last year, and I paid in advance using Credit Card Miles) unfortunately it was a dive - comfy bed though, so I guess that is something- and I was directed to not one but TWO fabulous fish and chip shops with FRESH fish.  Oh boy, I really was spoilt!  Coming from the UK I really miss fresh fish and chips!

So, after a week of slicing, dicing, pinning, tucking, manhandling etc., etc., I think that I have a fair chance of making bras for other people.  I need to make up some sample bras, and then I will be seeing how serious my buddies were about custom bras!

In the meantime, here is some bra candy for you!  Aren't these combinations lovely?  I really like the cornflower blue and there will be at least one bra made just for me out of that fabric!  All just waiting to be made up into some gorgeous bras!

This is an 'extra-large' photo - how does that work for you?  I usually use medium or large, but wanted to get some detail in this time.  Let me know if it doesn't work or is too big!

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