Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12th Day of Christmas - What's Next?

Well, what a great Christmas and New Year break that was.  Back to work on Jan 4th after just over two weeks off.  Managed to get lots of sewing, knitting and blogging done - I like to think that it is good practice for retirement.  Although about 5-10 years off, it is kinda fun to try it out and see if it 'works'.  It does, I tell you, it does!

I also managed to get more familiar with using my Apple Mac and the photo editing - I was easier on my old machine and Picasa, but I'm getting to used to this now.  Having said that, the 'Previous Ramblings' (the column on my blog to the right of this post that lists previous posts) and selecting posts from past months does not seem to work.  If I click on '2014' I do not get the months and the posts to select.  Not sure if this is a 'Mac' thing or not - will try it on my work machine.

I'm all ready to get cracking on the SWAP for 2016, (I mentioned that yesterday) and also have some other plans.  I'd need to make a longish wool coat for winter.  I have a big down jacket which works well, but I'd like a coat similar to McCalls 4673.

I'd also like to make some lingerie - cami tops and tap pants.  I took the Craftsy 'Sewing Lingerie' course (by Alison Smith - I can't link to the class as I am enrolled), and it was rather good and it has inspired me to make some frillies!  There will also be some Lagenlook garments in the future (I have a slip and a tunic already cut out), as well as some bags.  I am putting in a proposal to teach a bag making class at one of my local fabric shops, My Sewing Room, and I am looking forward to that.

Finally, I picked up some rayon knits in the sale . . . . they were from the 'bargain centre' area of the fabric store, lots of 'unknown fibres' and bolts with the labels ripped off.  They usually sell for about $4-5/m, so at 50% off, I may have gone a little nuts.  I've cut out a two piece dress and a cardi in some lovely deep purple rayon/cotton jersey, so they will be making an appearance in the future!

How about you - what are your plans for the year?


  1. Happy New Year - and yes, retirement is nice...get as much practice as you can! I clicked on 2014 in your archive list, and got your last post of 2014, the roundup one. And the 2014 collection page is wonky as well. Hope this helps! don't think it's your MAC, I'm on my microsoft PC right now. Let me know if I can help you explore more...

    1. Thanks Coco for testing for me. I've tried looking at my blog from my work machine and it looks as though either I have changed a setting (no idea how!) or Blogger has done something with the templates. I will investigate more!

  2. TwoToast I like the sound of your plans, especially the ones about teaching sewing. It's something I want to do when I retire! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog.


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