Tuesday, December 29, 2015

6th Day of Christmas - Feather

There I was, minding my own business, when into my Inbox dropped an email from Ms. Givens inviting me to purchase her new delightful pattern, Feather.

What is a girl to do?  Oh yes, buy it!  So I did!  This was a fun pattern to make up.  I had to get my Singer Featherweight out and use the ruffler attachment to gather all the strips that were needed for the frills.  I have to say, if you've got to make loads of frills or ruffles - get a ruffler attachment!!  I really enjoyed using raw edges - it feels like such a wild and crazy way to sew, quite the opposite to how I would ordinarily.  I used my standard bodice top (based upon Collette's Sorbetto) to ensure a good fit, and my Feather was completed.

This is the Feather being worn with a black Patricia skirt.

And (above) with a pair of cropped trousers from the Summer.  They are a little creased as they are fighting for space in my closet!  I'm not sure that I like the Feather with trousers . . . . but the photo actually looks rather good!

And with a Phoebe 'jacket'.  It makes quite a fun suit that I'd wear to work.

Now this is really weird.  I had already typed my paragraph to finish off this portion of the post before taking the photos, and this is what I had written:

Unfortunately, I really don't like how it looks on me, so this ended up being a bit of a miss.  I think it is because of the openness at the front - it just feels odd when I wearing it.  However, it is finished, and I may well wear it in the future . . . I can change my mind you know!!  Not wanting to waste design details, I have used the ruffles on another TG pattern - the Cara, and will share some photos of that pretty soon.

But having seen the photographs, I rather like the look!

Do you find that you change your mind once you make something up and see the photos - either for better or for worse?


  1. What an interesting and unusual design. You wear it well! I definitely change my mind about clothes according to photographs, I think it is the most useful thing you can do to learn about what suits and style. If I can find time I would like to participate fully in MMM this year as the daily photograph process would be so useful.

  2. Very nice and I love the flowered jacket topper!

  3. I like all three looks, the first and last are my favorites. I think the middle one will look good in the summer though.

    Yes! Photos definitely change my mind about outfits, both for the good and bad. Before I retired this year, I would take outfit shots when I got home from work. Sometimes, upon seeing the photo, I would regret wearing the outfit. Other times I would be surprised at how good it looked.


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