Tuesday, December 29, 2015

5th Day of Christmas - Zip and Go

This is a fabulous cross-body (or shoulder) bag that is pretty quick and easy to make.  It is called the Zip and Go by Dog Under My Desk.  It s quite small - only 9.5" tall and 7.5" wide, but it is perfect for when you just need your keys, purse and glasses.  The main fabric only takes 1/3 yd - probably even just 1/4 yd, but fat quarters are no good due to to needing some length for the straps.  My straps are close to 60" long.

This lovely checked version was for my SIL for Christmas.  The fabric is a lovely soft wool, and the straps are adjustable as I'm not sure what length she would prefer.

The two zips mean that there is a good amount of space in the from of the bag.  I attached a couple of charms that were on lobster clips to each zip pull rather than make my own as I felt the old metal look went really well with the look of the bag.

Cute interior fabric - it looks like little clothes hanging on a washing line, with some red flowers dotted about.

The back is plain, but that works well as it is against your body.

And of course, a special label for a special lady.

The only other comment of note is that I used fusible fleece on the two outer layers and that made it quite thick and bulky.  Fortunately my sewing machine was an absolute trooper, and coped admirably!

Next up (I actually made this one first, but whatever, is one from Laurel Burch fabric.  Her colours are very rich and although they haven't photographed well here, it still looks pretty good!  The zips are a deep purple, just to give you an idea!

I just need to add/make some zipper pulls, and this is done.  For this one I just used Pellon SF101 as the stabiliser on all pieces, so it is pretty sturdy.  This will be perfect to jazz up a plain summer outfit.
Roll on summer!!


  1. What great bags! I love cross-body styles for shopping, leaving my hands free. The pulls are wonderful - what fun! I'm going to take a look at this pattern...thks!

    1. I do hope you make some up . . . and blog about them!

  2. Great pattern. Your fabrics are pretty & the pulls add a nice touch. I love making bags too.

    1. Thank-you! They are my 'go to' when I want to make something, but I'm not sure what!!


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